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Ebisboshi Shotengai - A Japanese Food District

Whenever I'm  asked on what's my favorite cuisine, without a blink of an eye, my answer is always Japanese.  Just like how I described it in my previous post, Japanese cuisine is subtle yet sophisticated, light yet rich, elegant yet simple. Japanese food is something to emulate but hardly equaled. It exudes paramount freshness and elegance. My liking for anything distinctly Japanese was somehow translated to my kids as well. Now, when you ask them where they want to eat out, almost always the answer will be a Japanese restaurant. For that, we were challenged to continuously hunt for new discoveries to break the satiation from visiting the same restaurant over and over again. That's why we were so happy that we discovered a new dining place in Great World City that houses everything we liked about Japanese food.
Ebisboshi Shotengai  is considered  a food district that carries three house brands featuring different japanese dishes - Uomasa, Bishamon and Bentendo. Foods that r…

Vanilla Walnut Cake

My recipe bin for cakes is now seriously growing. It's such a joy for me to be baking again. When we relocated to Singapore from the Philippines, I had a difficult separation from my household wares and utensils. Believe it or not, foremost among them is my oven. So when I finally decided to replace it in our new home, it's like reuniting with a long lost friend. As soon as I'm all set for my old hobby, I began to acquire new cook books as well. But there are occasions where I still resort to the ever reliable internet in searching for interesting recipes. A couple of weeks ago, I was in search of a basic Vanilla Cake. I was looking for a recipe which I can use as a standard base and is neutral enough for varianting later on for topppings and fillings. My search led me to Martha Stewart's Versatile Vanilla Cake. Just exactly what I'm looking for. I tried the recipe and it's actually not bad at all. Even the whipped frosting is great. I just modified it a bit an…

Cereal Prawn - Home made Recipe

When we started exploring the local foods in Singapore, one of the dishes that caught my interest in as far as cooking it at home is Cereal Prawns. So when I found an instant mix in the supermarket that can be easily used, I immediately tried it. Unfortunately, I'm not 100% convinced on the results. Somehow, interesting flavor notes are missing. Upon further research online and by asking around, I've found a recipe that's quite easy to make. Although it still doesn't taste exactly the same as the usual Cereal Prawn version that you can find in hawker centers, I guess it's satisfying enough that it's now part of my menu from time to time. Because I have kids who will partake on this dish, I omitted the chili padi to make it not spicy. If you prefer otherwise, you may opt to add it when you sauted the curry leaves.

What you need:

8 pcs large tiger prawns, deveined
oil for frying
1 whole egg
3 tbsp all purpose flour
2 tbsp butter
1 1/2 cup  instant cereals (Nestum …

Sentosa Cable Car

It's been more than a decade since I last rode Sentosa's Cable Car. Few weeks ago, I had a chance to revisit and try it again. I must say that there had been a lot of changes since then. Aside from a completely different capsule, the view from above did also change significantly. The  new developments around Resorts World Sentosa brought the panoramic view to a different level.
 We took the cable car ride from Imbiah Station. Since it's a weekday, the queue is manageable.

 A specially decorated cable car for an exquisite, romantic dining experience..

 The Harbour..

 Resorts World

 The soon to open Equarius Hotel..

 The Merlion from afar

 Star Cruise

 Perfect view at night, so calming.

The best time to try this ride is in the afternoon just when the sun is about to settle down and the night slowly unfolds.

Singapore Cable Car
@ Imbiah Station / Mt. Faber

Fruit Layered Cake

The busy months (sometimes I coined it the monster months) have truly arrived. The last few days have been terribly busy for me that I've started to feel the stress enrobing me. So when I reached home yesterday, I thought of de-stressing through baking. Incidentally, there's this request from the little ones that I've yet to fulfill. After browsing through my favorite recipes, I've decided to make a Fruit Layered Cake. This is  a healthier alternative compared to the sinful ones.

What you need: 1/2 cup butter, softened 3/4 cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 large eggs 2 cups all purpose flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 cup milk 250 ml whipping cream fresh fruits - strawberries, blueberry, apple, orange *double the amount for 2 cakes

How to make: 1. Beat the butter, sugar, and vanilla in a medium bowl with an electric mixer on medium speed until pale and creamy. 2. Add the eggs one at a time, beating until just blended after each addition. 3. Combine the flour and baking powder in a m…

Valentine's Day Dinner

Happy Valentine's Day! How did you celebrate the heart's day? For us, we just had a simple dinner at home. But to make the ambiance more special, we had it by the pool. Apparently, Valentine's Day  is not celebrated big in Singapore compared in the Philippines. Back home, this is a day of frenzy. It's just too commercialized and well hyped down there. But really, regardless of which culture you're in, as long as you have you're own reasons for celebrating it, nothing should stop you in keeping the tradition of love.  For this dinner, I just had a simple repertoire in mind. Since my first attempt into steaks became successful, why not have it for the second time around? Only, I used a different meat cut this time. I opted for a sirloin instead of a ribeye. To my surprise though, I still preferred the later for a better steak experience. For the dessert, I made a Raspberry Chocolate Cake. Although, the appearance of the cake failed me (blame it to the wrong size…

It's Our 9th Year and Foods Abound In Our Home

Has it been 9 years already? Time is just unbelievably fast. We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary yesterday. Instead of the usual celebration at a fancy restaurant or feasting on a full spread buffet, we decided to celebrate it at home. Fortunately, I had new cookbooks to aid me in planning a satisfying menu. It was an occasion of many firsts for me in as far as my career in cooking is concerned. It's my first time to cook a steak, first time to try on a real classic lasagna recipe and first time to whip up a devil's food cake. Although unwanted mistakes were encountered along the way, overall it was still a scumptious repertoire. And I couldn't be happier in putting an all out effort to make it work. Now, I have new favorites to put into my list of habitual foods.
What's an anniversary without a special cake?
Strawberry Fudge Cake (a modified version of Devil's Food Cake from the book Baking by LoveFood)
What you need: 140g semi sweet chocolate 1/2 cup milk 2 tb…

Din Tai Fung at Baits, Resorts World Sentosa

I can no longer count the number of visits we had at Din Tai Fung. Just when I thought that our first dining experience wouldn't yield to any future visits (since I felt that the Singapore branches were way inferior compared to the original outlets in Taiwan), it turned out to be the opposite. On occasions when we cannot simply decide on where to dine, Din Tai Fung becomes the default restaurant for my family. Perhaps, because navigating through its menu is as easy as one, two, three. Aside from that, the foods on offer are more than just filling and satisfying but affordable too. However, at one time or another satiation still strikes. Thus, it's a relief that there's a sister branch located in Resorts World Sentosa where you can find more than just the usual foods that a Din Tai Fung outlet normally offers. There are other good stuffs here like the Egg Crusted Fried Chicken and some local favorites such as Hainanese Chicken Rice. So if you feel like extending your dim su…

River Hong Bao 2012

It was my first time to witness a River Hong Bao. Although clueless, I got interested on what this chinese tradition is all about. Upon seeing the ads from the local paper, I was more than encouraged to pay it a visit. Apparently, it is the biggest Chinese New Year Carnival in Singapore usually staged at the floating platform in Marina Bay. It's a gleaming entertainment venue filled with numerous activities, lantern and handicrafts exhibits and a food street for all wandering palates.
The colorful and brightly lit giant lanterns are the highlights of the event. Each symbolizing a significant meaning that relates to power, wealth, prosperity and all other good things that we must have in life.
 The must haves in any carnival - Foods..

 All the animals in the Lunar calendar are represented through the giant lanterns...

 The Martial God of Wealth

The welcome arch that says - "There is an old saying, once you enter the dragon gate, your reputation increases ten-fold."

Notice the…