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Fire Lake Grill sits on the now popular Tagaytay Dining Haven, Cliffhouse. From what we've savored and experienced, yes, the resto is worth a try in the food compound. First, the ambiance is superb especially at dinner time. Private and romantic. Service is cordial although a little slow. When it comes to food, some were worth the wait while some were overly rated. The Panseared Foie Gras is great! Succulent, tasty and rich. Hmmm..., that delicious gustatory feel truly left a wonderful memory in my palate. I won't forget to order it again the next time. The Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon Froth is real comforting. It provides the much needed warming companion in a chilin', cool breeze of Tagaytay. The Rib Eye Steak is cooked just right. It boasts of the exact juiciness and tenderness of the meat. It's perfectly matched with sauted vegetables and mashed potato, presenting an utterly complete meal. Being a Seafood fanatic, I'm more than satisfied to have tried this Grille…

Shopping in TAIPEI (Part 4 of 4; The Taipei Experience)

Blame it to the holiday rush and the contagious "busy" ambiance around, this last post on the Taipei Experience came way too late as promised. Anyhow, as they say it, better late than never.

Shopping is one thing that Taiwanese's heart to do. A living proof to that is the enormous number of shopping malls and traditional markets found in the country. In Taipei, the most popular, biggest and most varied is the - Shilin Night Market. It is Taipei's premier night market that lures crowds (massive on weekends) with affordable eats and great bargains. Think of shopping and eating at the same time! Clothing, shoes, accessories, leather goods and other bric a bracs, name it they have it! It is common to find stuffs priced at NT$100. But bargains such as these including those tagged with a specific price are hardly negotiable (take it or leave it). If you're on a budget and have a long "pasalubong" (gift) list, this is the place to be!

How to get there: Take MRT…

Going Around Taipei: The Must See (Part 3 of 4; The Taipei Experience)

Whenever we travel to a different place, the leading question that comes to our mind is where specifically should we go? More often than not, we battle through the process of budgeting our time to the most interesting and significant sights. Particularly, if we have very limited time to spend (like in this trip) we can only afford to prioritize the "must see" landmarks and attractions. Thus, a little research and a DIY Travel Guide made our sight seeing in Taipei (although limited), packed with amazing discoveries.

What else will top the Taiwan must visit list other than TAIPEI 101?! As they say it, you've never been to Taiwan if you never set foot on this towering landmark. Pending the completion of Burj Dubai, it is still the World's tallest building to date. Given that this breathtaking Skyscraper was built by a country as small as Taiwan, to say that this has been a remarkable achievement by the Taiwanese is still an understatement. Taipei 101 epitomizes the vigo…

Taipei International Food Show (Part 2 of 4; The Taipei Experience)

Taipei being an industrialized city is fast becoming a favorite host to International Trade Fairs. One of the most popular and largely attended by locals is the one held last Nov 23 - 26, 2007 at the World Trade Center. The 4-day Food Event was divided into three categories: 1) Taiwan International Chain Stores Fair, 2) Taipei Tea, Coffee & Wine Expo and 3) Taiwan International Food & Equipment Show. The Food Show presented the vastness and richness of the competitive Taiwan Market. As exemplified by the massive groups of consumers that flocked the event, Food is indeed one of Taiwanese's most prolific industries. Consequently, the event did not fail its local consumers with the enormous food choices and experiences it offered. But for foreigners like us, there are really not much to appreciate (or perhaps it just didn't meet some of our objectives for visiting the fair). Generally, it's all about imported goods intended for the end-consumers of Taiwan. What's …