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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Revisited (2014)

I'm happy to be back to this gastronomic city - Ho Chi Minh. And just like the previous visit, it was again an exciting one most especially for its delightful cuisine. Forget about the chaos and madness that the streets bring, (primarily attributed to its hundreds of busy motorbikes); because foods certainly made up for that about a hundred folds too.   My favourite hotel in the heart of HCMC - Rex Hotel. Luck was on us on the day that we checked in because we were upgraded to a Governor's Suite. Look how spacious and serene the room was!  First stop, is always the must have "perfect duo" - Beef Pho and Fresh Coconut Juice. This combo alone is more than enough to satisfy my wandering palate.

One of the great things that I appreciate about Vietnamese Cuisine is the abundance of soup dishes and hefty servings of vegetables and herbs. Truly healthy meal at its best!

Although Vietnamese food is not really known for very spicy stuffs, they do have their own concoction of h…