Tokwa't Baboy with Tausi (Tofu & Pork with Black Beans)

Tokwa to Pinoys in the Philippines, Tofu to others, Bean Curd to literally translate it, is a very popular and widely used food ingredient in Filipino Cuisine. Philippines had its own share of Chinese culture and its influence transcends all the way to our plate. That's why, enormous dishes of Chinese origin typically frequents our dining table. Tofu in particular, comes with a variety of delightful chows. If you ask Pinoys (Filipinos) to name one popular local appetizer, without a doubt Tokwa't Baboy (Tofu and Pork) will be the top of mind. It's a dish typically made of strips of fried tofu and pork, bathed in soy sauce and vinegar added with spices like onion and garlic. Another favorite of this kind is Tokwa't Baboy with Tausi (Tofu & Pork with Black Beans). The manner of its preparation or cooking depends on ones own liking. In our case, as taught by my aunt, we like our version to be sweet and generously garnished with Kinchay (Chinese Celery) and spring onions.
Kinchay is similar to Parsley in appearance and taste. But it's more aromatic and flavorful. It also blends well with sweet-savoury dish. While it's plant family is generally hyped as healthy and rich in nutrients, Chinese Celery boasts of other medicinal claims. Read details here. What I particularly love about kinchay is its ability of harmonizing many flavor components in one dish and providing an enjoyable juicy green and herby top note. Enough with the descriptions, let's get the pot in the kitchen steaming with this tasty dish.

What you need:
5 pcs fried tofu (cut into strips), 250 g pork (cut into cubes), 1 small red onion (chopped), 4 cloves garlic (chopped), 2 1/2 tbsps black beans, 3 tbsps soy sauce, 3 tbsps brown sugar, 3/4 cup soup stock (broth), 2 tbsps canola oil, pepper to taste, chopped kinchay and spring onions for garnish,
How to make:
Cook pork in a skillet with small amount of water until it nearly dries up and turns brown. Push to the side of the skillet. Sauté onion and garlic until fragrant. Bring the pork in and add tofu strips, black beans, soy sauce, sugar, pepper and soup stock. Boil and simmer for 3 mins. Garnish with spring onions and kinchay.
For more dishes to savour this weekend, visit Dil Se of Divya. She'll make a round up of another great food selections by weekend herb bloggers. A weekly event conceptualized and now made famous by Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen.


Unknown said…
Fried tofu n pork sounds interesting.Different recipe.Thanks for sending this for WHB..
Cynthia said…
I love pork and black beans!
Kalyn Denny said…
I learned two things, yaaay. I didn't know that tofu was used in the Phillipines, and I've never heard of Chinese celery either. Great post, sounds delicious!
Anonymous said…
Love this stuff. I also have tausi with green beans - perfect with steamed rice.
Anonymous said…
dude... its not known by many buut kinchay in english is celery leaves :D
JakeCastle said…
can i use your towa't baboy image on my blog, perhaps qoute your your desciption of tokwa't baboy too? tsarap kakagutom


Anonymous said…
Kinchay is Parsley
Val said…
Celery leaves tastes more like kinchay

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