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With the second ber month about to be done, the spirit of merriment has indeed arrived. In our family, the ber season is a period of having fun. Visiting carnivals and festivals is in our to do list. Last year, the kids had a great time in Global Fun Carnival. This year we’re set to experience the world of dinosaurs with the DINOS ALIVE TOUR in Manila. We can't wait for its opening this coming November 28. We've already marked the date in our calendar. If you would like to save the date too, check the details of the event on the organizer's announcement below.

"This 2008, we will be astounded by a visit from the past. Dinosaurs will soon walk back to land and set foot in the Philippines. Dinos Alive! World Tour is set to bring adventure of a lifetime to the Filipino people through these creatures.

The Dinos alive tour is a traveling exhibit which adopts a themed - park environment. An authentic prehistoric recreation of the Jurassic period will display more than 30 life…

In a University with an Oblation Man

I was browsing through the Philippine Star's website and I came across its section of "Kwentong Peyups" (stories about UP). Quickly, I got inspired and jumped straight unto my laptop keyboard and gloriously relived my UP life through this writing. Read on and join me in my walk down memory lane...
In a University with an Oblation Man(by Sherra Bernardo B.S. Food Technology 1994-1998)
In my teen years, the famous premier university in the country that is UP was every senior high school graduating student’s dream for a college life. It is likewise every parent’s choice for his child’s education. I remember how my mother fought for my UP education against my grandfather’s intimidating sign of a “no-no”. Well, how can you blame my grandfather for shielding me from the frightening initiation rites of fraternities and sororities, which UP is so known for? Add to that, I was entering UP at the height of Eileen Sarmenta’s rape-slay and Allan Gomez’ killing. Fortunately, my moth…

FaMEALy Memories

When Lucky Me! encouraged us to celebrate Famealy Day at home last September 22, all the more it occured to me that the essential benefits it gives can really go a long way. So, let me share with you my thoughts in living this advocacy...
“Daddy, kanina nag drawing ako! Ang galing ko na mag-drawing.” “Ako Mommy nag-color ako, ang ganda ng pag-color ko!” “Sarap nito Mommy, luto ka ulit nito hah?” This is how typical conversation at our humble dining table sounds. With such inspiring and heart warming remarks, tell me, how can I resist family meal occasions at home? This is simply the kind of happening we shouldn’t want to be missed. A happy memory we must all partake. That’s why; KAINANG PAMILYA MAHALAGA (Family Meals deemed important), became a mantra in our home. We are pleased to declare that it’s a place where absence in the dining table at dinner time is forbidden.
As a working mom, on weekdays, I get to enjoy eating with my family on a single meal occasion only. Though I prepare my…


We've already started our countdown to Christmas and with just a few days to go, it's true that festivity is just around the corner. For us, Filipinos, Christmas time is synonymous to shopping, party, gifts and of course food (lots and lots of all kinds)! It's that time of the year where talks about dieting and slimming are considered taboo. It seemed that everybody found a way for an excuse to these things. We tend to indulge to high heavens in particular of sweets. Have you ever wondered why sweet goodies normally frequent gift baskets, boxes and jars during the gift giving season? Well, there are a number of reasons I'm sure. But foremost to that I think is that no one in this world hardly appreciate sweet treats. Everybody was born to have a sweet tooth. It's only our threshold that varies. So if you're thinking of giving home made present to your loved ones and friends, this is one recipe you can try and perfect just in time for the holidays. I remember …

ASUS eee PC 1000H (It's worth the wait)

When AsusTek released it's first wave of mini notebook, I must say that I really got interested 101 percent. However, it still didn't encourage me well enough to purchase a unit. With very limited capacity of 4G or 8G drive to choose from at that time, I am quite hesitant to give in. Not until the third installment arrived, I finally yielded. And I have to confess, it was worth the wait. The Eee PC 1000H is among the third generation of netbooks that Asus developed. With Asus being the pioneer in this product category, giving my trust to the brand wasn't much of a worry. Now I'm thankful, it truly delivers!
For me, the Asus eee PC 1000H's satisfiers are the following: - great, clear resolution - weight is manageable (as long as your bag can manage to squeeze it in) - smooth and fairly fast booting and online connection - elegant design - has everything you need for a secondary laptop (it could even exceed some expectations) - relatively big…