FaMEALy Memories

When Lucky Me! encouraged us to celebrate Famealy Day at home last September 22, all the more it occured to me that the essential benefits it gives can really go a long way. So, let me share with you my thoughts in living this advocacy...
“Daddy, kanina nag drawing ako! Ang galing ko na mag-drawing.” “Ako Mommy nag-color ako, ang ganda ng pag-color ko!” “Sarap nito Mommy, luto ka ulit nito hah?” This is how typical conversation at our humble dining table sounds. With such inspiring and heart warming remarks, tell me, how can I resist family meal occasions at home? This is simply the kind of happening we shouldn’t want to be missed. A happy memory we must all partake. That’s why; KAINANG PAMILYA MAHALAGA (Family Meals deemed important), became a mantra in our home. We are pleased to declare that it’s a place where absence in the dining table at dinner time is forbidden.
As a working mom, on weekdays, I get to enjoy eating with my family on a single meal occasion only. Though I prepare my kids’ foods before I go to work, I can hardly join them in all their meals. So it really pains me to count how much little time I have for them. However, no matter how challenging it may seem nothing should prevent me in gathering the entire family to the dining table to celebrate God’s bounty. Like all time-strapped parents and homemakers in particular, the desire to give my family yummy treats and scrumptious meal is still ever burning. So when I heard flattering remarks about my cooking and the smile of satisfaction in their palate, it makes all the sacrifice worth it. If dads are considered the foundation of the home and moms are its light, I would say the dining table is its roof. It shelters all of us from the many challenges of family life. Physically, it’s witness to everyone’s food preference and eating habits. But beyond that, it’s our important link to close family ties that could last a lifetime. What could be more rewarding than being with your family as you celebrate your many firsts and milestones? From contagious laughs to serious talks and lamentation, there’s plainly no better way than sharing these with our loved ones.


Anonymous said…
My parents have shown us how important it is to EAT together. It's good that you make a conscious effort to have a meal together despite your busy sked!

My parents lesson will forever last a lifetime for us.
Anonymous said…
love family dinners or lunch or breakfast:)

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