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Sonya's (not so secret) Garden

By now, many have heard, visited and raved about this famous Garden situated near Tagaytay. Thus far, Sonya's Garden is a secret no more. If my memory serves me right, it was in the year 2000 when I first set foot on this enchanting and restful nature sanctuary. Perhaps, this garden was still at its toddler years in the business then. Nevertheless, after that, more future visits seemed inevitable. Rightfully so, in 2002 it became host and venue for our corporate planning. It was followed by another trip to entertain a foreign visitor then another just recently with some Thai friends. How was I upon seeing it again after so many years? I was surprised, charmed at the same time comforted. Really surprised on how much the garden restaurant had bloomed successfully. It's far from the relatively small, plain garden restaurant I used to know. Now, there are more other reasons why Sonya's made it to the hottest spots out of town. The garden, complemented with some elements of wat…

Thailand: Street Foods

It's already my fourth time to travel in Thailand. And because the gap of the 3rd and 4th time is just months from each other, I'm beginning to feel like it's a second homeland. With the country's sunny weather and ambiance, it's a lot like Philippines in many ways. Every visit in Thailand is an opportunity for new discoveries. The richness and immensity of Thai Cuisine alone will offer you an experience of a lifetime already. No journey will be enough without indulging into the extraordinary, tasteful Thai Cuisine. A mouthful of authentic Thai Food is sure to please any discerning palate (I believe so). The usual blend of many herbs and spices is really flavoursome that it’ll make you crave for more. However, I will not discount the fact that some notes maybe acquired and/or selective. Think of coriander, galangal, lime leaves or Tom Yum dish for instance.
But I wonder why in this country, the food carts are so inviting that most people put "Hepa or Typhoid…