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A Letter to my Son on his 8th Birthday

How time flies unbelievably fast. My son will turn 8 tomorrow and I have prepared a special birthday letter for him... 
April 20, 2013

To my sweet and dear Riley,
This day may not be only special to you but to mine as well. How could I forget that happy moment when I first saw you out of my womb? Since mommy had to undergo operation, giving birth was not easy. But I was overjoyed with your arrival that feeling the pain after was the least of my concern. You see, that’s how much mommy loves you. I had and will always be willing to endure all forms of sacrifices and challenges that will come along the way to rear you.
As all mothers do, they wish nothing but the best for their children. And as you celebrate your 8th birthday, here are the 8 wishes that I pray God will grant you:
A Happy childhood. Enjoy every moment of your being a kid. Don’t worry and think too much. Win over your fears and negative thoughts. Let loose and explore your curiosity. Enjoy the company of your friends and ch…

Summer in the Philippines (Comfort Food and Fabuluous Places)

Apologies! Apologies! I know it's been terribly quiet down here. A short vacation back home and a series of activities have kept me away from blogging. We've just returned from our short but worthwhile visit to the Philippines.The kids were on a school holiday so we took the opportunity to travel. And what a perfect time it was to visit because summer has just started in the country! Wonderful sceneries and pristine beaches welcomed us!  Caleruega in Batulao, Batangas.
 La Luz Beach Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
La Luz Beach Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
This was the perfect lunch setting I've been missing so much and I was extremely delighted to have it again. The sun, the water plus comfort food - priceless!!
Every visit to our home country won't be complete without indulging into our favorite dishes and these were just some of them. Lumpiang Sariwa (Filipino version of Fresh Spring Roll with Peanut Sauce) from Contis
 Garlic Sotanghon (Rice Noodles sauted…