A Letter to my Son on his 8th Birthday

How time flies unbelievably fast. My son will turn 8 tomorrow and I have prepared a special birthday letter for him...


April 20, 2013

To my sweet and dear Riley,

This day may not be only special to you but to mine as well. How could I forget that happy moment when I first saw you out of my womb? Since mommy had to undergo operation, giving birth was not easy. But I was overjoyed with your arrival that feeling the pain after was the least of my concern.  You see, that’s how much mommy loves you. I had and will always be willing to endure all forms of sacrifices and challenges that will come along the way to rear you.

As all mothers do, they wish nothing but the best for their children. And as you celebrate your 8th birthday, here are the 8 wishes that I pray God will grant you:

A Happy childhood. Enjoy every moment of your being a kid. Don’t worry and think too much. Win over your fears and negative thoughts. Let loose and explore your curiosity. Enjoy the company of your friends and cherish all wonderful memories with them.

Good Education. I know school is no easy task especially since you’re getting it in a foreign land. It breaks my heart whenever you tell me that you are getting “stressed” from school. It’s too much too soon, for this unwanted kind.  Don’t be afraid and don’t be stressed to learn. Remember that the greatest men in the world learned and built their achievements the hard way.  If you think you can, you will. And I am here to support you no matter what.

Good Health. Your health is always at the top of my prayers. I always pray for your safety especially when you’re at school.  So don’t get irritated at me when I relentlessly remind you to take care of yourself. From the simplest washing of hands to being mindful of your environment, these are of prime importance.

Gratitude for all your blessings. As I oftentimes tell you, you and your sister are so blessed. Appreciate and acknowledge what you have and always thank the Lord for His countless gifts.

A kind heart to nurture. This early, I can already see how kind hearted you are. May you nourish it as you grow old and may it bring you good fate. Treat everyone with kindness, even those who bully you – not because you want them to be nice, but because you are.

Big dreams. The dreams that you’re starting to build, pursue them. Never stop dreaming and make them big. Nothing is impossible to those who work hard.  

More family time. I guess this wish is more for me too. Time is running too fast and I can see that as you grow day by day. If I will meet the Magic Fairy and she will ask me for only one wish that is to have more time to spend with you and your sister.  I thank you for understanding my work even if at times you wanted to hate my boss and the company that I work for. In those moments that you feel sad because I cannot be with you, please know that my sadness is far greater than what you have. At the end of it all, you know that you are my priority and nothing will come on top of that.  

More birthday celebrations together. As you start to celebrate your birthday more independently, I just want you to be happy. From here on, you may celebrate it in any which way you want but we will forever celebrate it together as a family.

Thank you for being a good son. Nothing is ever more heart-warming each time you tell me “I don’t want you to die mommy. I always pray to Jesus that you will live forever”.  Whenever I am sick you would say “Give me your illness mommy, I’d rather be the one who’s sick instead of you.” These mean so much to me and these words of yours I have lovingly kept in my heart.  

Happy birthday my dear and I thank you for being the best gift a mother could wish for. 




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