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More Depots at Paseo de Sta. Rosa

I am pleased of how Paseo de Sta. Rosa had evolved into a shopper's and foodie's compound. It seemed like it's only yesterday that very few establishments can be found here. But now, it does not only pride its place of interesting culinary finds like Kanin Club and Poquito Mas but more for its sprawling fashion and sports depots. I made a post on that here. And as if all are still not enough, more stores are opening day in and day out. All to the bargain hunters' delight of course! The newbies in the complex are All Flip Flops (Havaianas), Sports Hub (carrying Yonex brand) and Crocs in Brands for Less Store. So, if you haven't check this out, arm your selves with a wider pocket and visit the place. This is a must pit stop to and from Tagaytay. You might want to walk in for a while. Who knows great bargains could strike!

Cheesy Herbed Chicken (Another Version of Chicken Parmegiane)

This dish is the sibling of my entry to Presto Pasta Night. Chicken Parmegiane is one of the dishes that Giada de Laurentiis made together with Lemon Spaghetti. When I saw her layer my favorite food components into her pan, I know this is one dish I certainly can't resist. I love the marriage of herbs and cheese in a poultry. I envisioned a lip-smacking, finger-snapping meal. But since my pantry is limited with some of the ingredients she used, I modified the recipe and made it more to our taste liking. I was just a bit disappointed with the brand of the quickmelt cheese I used in my first try. It's simply not true to its name. It did not melt easily and the fusion of tomato sauce and cheese that I expected did not happen. (I'll just let the photo below talk more about it). Fortunately, it did not completely spoil the dish's overall profile. It still has that rich, cheesy and herby notes. Hence, I know better when I made it the second time around. Complement this dish …

Presto Pasta Night # 69: Lemon Spaghetti

Similar to Weekend Herb Blogging, Presto Pasta Night by Ruth Daniels of Once Upon A Feastis one Food Blogging activity I also missed. I do heart Pasta or any noodles for that matter. A number of food posts on this blog will most likely prove that. Timely, one of my favorite celebrity chefs Giada de Laurentiis, inspired me with an invigorating pasta recipe last weekend. After watching the recent episode of her Everyday Italian, I was prompted to take out those luscious foods into our own table. I'm bringing one of them to Presto Pasta Night # 69 which will be graced by guest host Hillary of Chew on That. Here's Lemon Spaghetti everyone, please have some. What particularly enticed me to try this recipe is it's simplicity. The preparation of the dish is pretty straightforward. Boil, chop, stir and blend! Before you know it, you're already savouring a mouthful of refreshing pasta with a zest!

What you need:500 g pack spaghetti noodles, 1/2 cup lemon juice, 2/3 cups parmesan…

Cupcake Duo

If I will be asked to describe the orientation of my taste buds, I know that it's more of savoury rather than sweet. But I'll definetely wouldn't say a sweet bite wouldn't entice me to some extent. Perhaps a little nibble would be enough to please my appetite. But with savoury goods, I tend to munch for more. I have a slightly higher threshold for a saltier tang. With my kids, I know it's the opposite. They would prefer sugary and chocolatey foodstuffs. Their weekend cravings put me into a more challenging task. I love to prepare sweet items but only those that require a simple mix, toss, layer, chill etc. I usually avoid baking. Apart from having an impression that it's too laborious to do, I know that baking is a culinary gem worthy to explore; but there are far more challenges in-store as you go along. However, for the love of those sweet requests from the little ones why shouldn't I dare? As follows, my weekend was spent romancing cupcake recipes in the…

Weekend Herb Blogging: Sweet-Savoury Banana Spring Roll

I am elated being truly back to Weekend Herb Blogging. For those who have just heard about it and for those who, like me need to be reminded of how this activity works, click here. This week's WHB is being hosted by Joanna of Joanna's Food. My entry is a tempting fusion of sweet and savoury notes. Hence, the name Sweet-Savoury Banana Spring Roll. It's a spin off of a typical banana spring roll which is a favorite Filipino snack/dessert item we call "Turon". Last week, the refrigerator at home bragged an abundant supply of jackfruit courtesy of our dear neighbor. Knowing that it is the best pair to a yummy Turon; momentarily, I thought of preparing sweet banana spring roll with jackfruit, for a lazy afternoon nibble. The Turon, we, Filipinos are accustomed to normally comes in big sizes. Imagine 3 half slices of banana in a spring roll wrapper. That's how big it's gonna be. My threshold for that size only reaches two. It heavily-fills your tummy. That'…

Father's Day Feast: Fish Fillet with Tausi, Shrimps in Oyster Sauce & Cinnamon Pudding

Father's Day was celebrated lavishly last year. We had an intimate feast in no less than Tagaytay's most amorous spot, Antonio's. It was French Cuisine at its best! This year, (drifting to the advent of austerity; seems everybody is for the hideous commodity prices these days) we decided to celebrate it simply. Where else but in the solace of our home! We had our humble dining table that offered an enjoyable feast nonetheless. There's nothing fancy or genuinely epicurian. It may even looked more of an ordinary dinner meal but what made it special was we devoured into this banquet together. Think of family eating together. What more can you ask for? Fish Fillet with Tausi (salted black beans)
Ingredients: 1/2 kg fish fillet (tanguige) 1 small can tausi (salted black beans) 1/4 cup oyster sauce 1/4 cup sugar 1 cup water 3 eggs, beaten 2 cups cornstarch 4 cloves garlic, chopped 1 small onion, chopped 5 stalks of spring onion, cut 1 inch in size kinchay, chopped (as garnish) pepper to…

The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelholeft a remarkable reading experience in me when I met his “Alchemist”. He showed me moving life experiences in his book. From then on, I know this writer is worthy of my time. As a reader, I felt being transported into the stories he's created. I am completely immersed in his thoughts. Which, is exactly what I experienced reading “The Zahir”. When I started flipping the pages of this book, I can no longer put it down. I was taken completely. In understanding it, he made me realize the many aspects of our journey to life. The most crucial and frightening of all is when we started feeling lost. When we are being enrobed with unhappiness albeit we possess everything we’ve ever wanted. The Zahir represents anything or anyone that made us forget everything about our selves. It is our “invincible” yet, we unconsciously regard it less important. We recognize its existence in our lives yet we give less value to it. Hence, we’ll only realize its worth when it’s escaped us, unaw…

Mocha Blends (A comforting Coffee Place)

I have been and perhaps (still am) a Starbucks regular patron. Unfortunately, these days I can hardly have that homey, relaxing ambiance the Coffee Shop is used to offer. It's far from what I am accustomed to (at least for the branch where I usually go). My recent visits to Starbucks showed so much noise. Is this something particular to a branch or it has to do with the time of my visit for that much needed nerve perk? Else, it is simply the way it is now for the cafe I have known as a comforting spot. Well, I must not be surprised. Coffee tables were filled with groups who were all at the top of their voices and having big laughs. I can barely see couples or smaller groups who were just simply enjoying a light conversation over a cup of coffee. Starbucks is now predominantly frequented by younger lots which explains for the high energy encircling the coffee shop. No, this was not the place for me for that particular moment. I was on the verge of finishing a good book and I want …

A much Missed Weekend Food Fare

I missed joining weekend herb blogging (WHB) conceptualized by Kalyn's Kitchen. It's been quite a long time since I last submitted an entry for this weekly activity of food bloggers globally. Today, I am more than delighted to rekindle my enthusiasm in joining this affair . One of the prime reasons why I linked to this culinary hobby is because I get to prepare dishes on weekends for my family to enjoy. It gives me inspiration to think of something new to stir in the kitchen. However, this entry may not be able to make it to the deadline for being uploaded quite late, but just the same I'm happy to share it with everyone. Last weekend, I cooked three dishes which I plated one on top of the other to present a complete meal. I had sauted spinach, fried tanguige with lemon-butter sauce and mashed potato. Spinachis one of my preferred plants that is packed with essential nutrients. Thus, I would like it to frequent our dining table. Tequila Joes Bar and Restaurant offers a go…

Kung Fu Panda (It's worth Believing)

It was my kids’ first official movie night out together. Was I glad it happened to be with Kung Fu Panda by Dream Works? Clearly, seeing them so excited to catch the film was great enough for me. In watching the film, their excitement turned into giggles and snorts. Not too long, I came to realize I was already joining them with my own laugh. Ah, this movie really tickled us. Po, the Panda and the major character of this film, was so amusing and entertaining. This gave me no surprise; it was a Jack Blackmovie by the way. I can see the comic Black in Po’s character. I can even imagine his laughable antics as he voice act the big Panda. Don't you think the belly mirrors of him? Kung Fu Panda is an animated film about dreaming and believing. The general theme evolves on living a dream and realizing it. There is no secret to anything you just have to believe. This is a story with inspiring characters. There is nothing new with the lessons that need to be learned about but is vital for…

Kanin Club

Kanin Club is probably the most popular restaurant Paseo de Sta. Rosa has today. However, our first dining experience here is almost forgettable. The foods that we've initially tried did not offer a satisfying gastronomic encounter. The Sinigang sa Miso na T'yan ng Bangus for instance, tasted like it came out from the instant sinigang mix sachet. Also, the bangus is no longer fresh. The Canton Guisado is too oily without much character. That's why trying it out again is nearly a no - no. Nonetheless, its popularity in Paseo is unstoppable. It's always packed with diners. In fact, there are people who will not mind waiting from the long queue. Some of our friends who have tried it have nothing but good impressions to share. This then intrigued me. Maybe we just had the wrong choices from the menu during our first visit. Perhaps it might still be worth to give it another try. From our recent visit, these were what we had and what I have to say...

clockwise from top left: …

Homemade KIMCHI

Last year, I made a post on Korean Noodlesthat are becoming more and more popular in the Philippines brought about by what many coined as the "Korean Invasion" of our country. Now, to continue this Korean culinary saga; I'm making another post on the most popular Korean dish - Kimchi. Kimchi is known to be the must side dish of any Korean meal. No Korean meal will be complete without it. I have a Korean colleague who can attest to that. Kimchi is a fermented type of dish that is usually made of vegetables. The most common of which is Napa or Chinese Cabbage. It maybe the best craved appetizer by the Koreans but for a Filipino palate, liking this dish might be very selective. It's actually one of those aquired tastes. I, for one, was initially not a fan of this dish. I had a chance to experience its authenticity in my first visit to Seoul. Apparently, I found the taste very foreign at that time. Eventually, because of culinary fusions happening everywhere and the opp…

Baked Goodies at Shell Magallanes Station

Who would ever think that a gasoline station would be famous for food? Specifically those to crave for - heavenly sweet, deliciously baked goodies? Shell Magallanes made it all possible. It owned this trademark with the infamous Ms. Polly’s Chocolate Cake. A proof that indeed it were able to set a new, promising business channel its rival company, Caltex Buendia, followed shortly with its own banner Chocolate Cake. With such trends in existence there are certainly too many sweet palates to please in all corners of the Foodie world.

It’s been quite a while since I last dropped by at Shell to grab its well-liked chocolate cake. Much to my delight in my next visit, there are new sweet stuffs to try. New names that put my sweet appetite into craving are Ceilin’s and Redado’s. After I mulled over this and that, my husband and I decided to bring home Cielin's Brazo de Mercedes and Redado's Choco Fudge Brownies. I was enrobed with excitement until these goodies get through to my taste…