More Depots at Paseo de Sta. Rosa

I am pleased of how Paseo de Sta. Rosa had evolved into a shopper's and foodie's compound. It seemed like it's only yesterday that very few establishments can be found here. But now, it does not only pride its place of interesting culinary finds like Kanin Club and Poquito Mas but more for its sprawling fashion and sports depots. I made a post on that here. And as if all are still not enough, more stores are opening day in and day out. All to the bargain hunters' delight of course! The newbies in the complex are All Flip Flops (Havaianas), Sports Hub (carrying Yonex brand) and Crocs in Brands for Less Store. So, if you haven't check this out, arm your selves with a wider pocket and visit the place. This is a must pit stop to and from Tagaytay. You might want to walk in for a while. Who knows great bargains could strike!


Cynthia said…
It is so nice to discover your site. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leading me here.

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