Breakfast at Mocha Blends

I declared on my post here that Mocha Blends is now my comforting Coffee Place. I also mentioned that this coffee shop is bound to offer more. Hence, I went back to the branch near our place to sample their breakfast plates. Was I glad I did? For the taste, it’s the same notes you can duplicate (or even do better) at home. In the selections, there’s nothing unique to look for. Basically, the menu has the same breakfast plates being offered in other restaurants. With the way it has filled our tummy, the meal is value for money. For a little over a hundred bucks, it would pass a decent, substantial pick. So, what makes it a better option then? If you wake up one morning looking for a heavy, breakfast meal; longing for a strong coffee to match it with amidst relaxing ambiance and some generous servings of WiFi, this is your kind of place!


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