Mocha Blends (A comforting Coffee Place)

I have been and perhaps (still am) a Starbucks regular patron. Unfortunately, these days I can hardly have that homey, relaxing ambiance the Coffee Shop is used to offer. It's far from what I am accustomed to (at least for the branch where I usually go). My recent visits to Starbucks showed so much noise. Is this something particular to a branch or it has to do with the time of my visit for that much needed nerve perk? Else, it is simply the way it is now for the cafe I have known as a comforting spot. Well, I must not be surprised. Coffee tables were filled with groups who were all at the top of their voices and having big laughs. I can barely see couples or smaller groups who were just simply enjoying a light conversation over a cup of coffee. Starbucks is now predominantly frequented by younger lots which explains for the high energy encircling the coffee shop. No, this was not the place for me for that particular moment. I was on the verge of finishing a good book and I want to enjoy every piece of it. I must vacate this area very soon. Look for that place where I can have a relaxing treat with my good book at hand. Opportunely, not too far I found Mocha Blends, the Coffee Place.
I was glad to be welcomed by its mission-vision statement as I peruse its menu book. What a way to welcome a newbie! As I read through it, a promise of a culture-fit and a warming coffee experience unfolded before me. I was even more delighted when I learned that there are more food choices here. This is not simply a coffee place after all! There are breakfast items that actually intrigued me. It won't be too long before I sample a plate. I'll sure make a post about it when I did.

For now, a fine coffee is all I need to complement a good read. So, Cafe Vienna and Ube Cake onto my coffee table please. Eventually, I felt happy and filled. I had the comforting atmosphere I was looking for. A coffee that kicked me for its intense burnt note and pronounced caffeine content yet; warmed me just the same. A sweet goodie that may not be superlative in its sensory profile but good enough to pair a soothing cup of coffee. Consequently, Mocha Blends have become what I, a customer, wanted them to be. From now, it'll be my comforting coffee place.

Mocha Blends
Espresso Coffee Australia
2nd flr. Humana Bldg., Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna


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