The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho left a remarkable reading experience in me when I met his “Alchemist”. He showed me moving life experiences in his book. From then on, I know this writer is worthy of my time. As a reader, I felt being transported into the stories he's created. I am completely immersed in his thoughts. Which, is exactly what I experienced reading “The Zahir”. When I started flipping the pages of this book, I can no longer put it down. I was taken completely. In understanding it, he made me realize the many aspects of our journey to life. The most crucial and frightening of all is when we started feeling lost. When we are being enrobed with unhappiness albeit we possess everything we’ve ever wanted. The Zahir represents anything or anyone that made us forget everything about our selves. It is our “invincible” yet, we unconsciously regard it less important. We recognize its existence in our lives yet we give less value to it. Hence, we’ll only realize its worth when it’s escaped us, unaware that it could possibly haunt us forever. We'll only feel complete and may continue living our life, when we have faced and conquered it. I too, have recognized my own “Zahir”. It exists in all of us. As I face many of life struggles, I also felt emptiness within. In one time or another, I am passing that stage of unhappiness in life. I feel frightened though at times strengthened. But as Paulo Coehlo had put it, the most important thing is you’re willing to face the Zahir else, challenge it. For no one except you, knows what your true happiness should be.


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