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Going Peranakan at Dulu Kala

Owing to the country's rich culture and history, Peranakan cuisine is one of the most popular and well-loved cuisines in Singapore. The inter-marriage of Chinese and Malays and to some extent Indonesians, brought one of the most respected cuisines in Asia. This union gave us the melding of Chinese ingredients with Malays' use of aromatic spices, herbs and genuine cooking techniques. And then we all know, it resulted to dishes that are something to be had. There are a number of Peranakan or Nonya Restaurants in Singapore. I've already tried a few and I must admit that most really do not disappoint. A Malaysian colleague recommended Dulu Kala as another must try Peranakan restaurant. So off, I went to see it for myself.   Perusing the menu of Dulu Kala, one is promised with "authentic, home cooked Peranakan dishes". And in all fairness, they did try to adhere to this claim. Asam Fish Head -  this is really good! The sour and spicy notes are well balanced in the d…

Our Taste of Life now in an Online Magazine Platform!

Hear ye, hear ye! Finally, after several restless days and sleepless nights, the first ever Our Taste of Life Online Magazine is out now! I couldn't be happier that it's already finished and published. This is another endeavour that's worth taking, knowing that there are people who will be inspired by it. Just a few days after publishing the magazine, I was overwhelmed with kind words and good feedbacks from friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even from my publisher - Glossi. Your sweet words definitely keep me going. I hope to be able to bring in more interesting reads and more glorious food sights in the next editions. For now, enjoy the premier edition and have a fun read!" target="_blank"> Click to view Our Taste Of Life on GLOSSI.COM

Mini Cheese Cakes

I still have a hang over from making a Cherry Oreo Cheese Cake for a colleague who just recently celebrated her birthday. Since the kids didn't have their share on that piece of indulgence, I promised them that I would make a separate one just for their own consumption. So I fulfilled that promise last night by making these truly scrumptious mini cheese cakes! I've been wanting for so long to have my hands on these heavenly goodies and the right timing just came in perfectly. I was in the mood to de-stress and celebrate for the coming of the weekend. As soon as I finished decorating these miniature cheese cakes, I can imagine another colleague exclaiming - "this is a moment in your lips, a lifetime in your hips" kind of taste. But, I would say a mini serving won't hurt a bit. So it's just right to occasionally reward ourselves with sinful yet more than satisfying sweet treats like this one.  I'm beginning to like cheese cake preparation more than the u…

Lime @ Park Royal On Pickering Hotel

Relaxing, calming and definitely nature inspired - this is the overall ambiance of the new Park Royal on Pickering. It's an absolute breather from a typical busy vibe of a city hotel. There's no doubt why this hotel is increasingly becoming popular around Singapore since its opening in January 2013. Beyond its fa├žade and architecture which is pretty impressive, I can feel that there's something more to like about in this hotel. The moment you enter the lobby, you will be welcomed with a refreshing atmosphere. You will know in an instant that this is a perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.
I love these wooden chairs. The design complements the movement of the water fountain outside. The elements of nature are visible everywhere.
Even the door leading to the toilet is so attuned to the garden theme.

The lovely infinity pool overlooking the city.

True to its claim, it's really a hotel in a garden. And what better way to complement this beauty than  h…