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I wonder who The Five People I'm Gonna Meet in Heaven?!

Since the arrival of the kids, time seemed to be so out of the way for my passion for reading. And I've been wanting really to rekindle this leisure pursuit. I'm just happy that finally I'm into it again and so I made a vow of reading at least one book per week.

Back in the shelf, I got Mitch Albom's "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" . I wonder why he chose among many a "Filipino child" to be the fifth person whom Eddie (the protagonist) met in heaven? Is there a special connection, a memory of some sort of the Philippines to Mitch Albom? Anyhow, it made me feel glad that the last person in the book who awakened Eddie on how valuable his life on earth was a Filipino. I was truly moved by the story of this book. It tells us of sacrifice, forgiveness and love. It displays the value of human life further teaching us how to discover its meaning and how we should live it. Two thumbs up for Mitch Albom!
Here are some noteworthy lines from the story and …

Bonding at BUON GIORNO!

Afterhearing so much raves about this Italian restaurant in Tagaytay named - Buon Giorno!, finally we had a chance of sampling it last May 16. Thanks to Mr. Park for making this experience possible. Buon Giorno, by the way means Good Morning or Good Day. Indeed the restaurant's name is also synonymous to good food. They've got great selection of Italian Cuisine. Remarkable are their Bruschetta (tomatoes, mozarella & basil on garlic olive toast), it has a good sweet & sour blend, Mushroom Dip which is creamy and real tasty, Di Canneloni Spinaci (tender bits of chicken & mortadella ham rolled in sheets of spinach pasta smothered with tomato sauce and cheese), simply delicious! but too much for single serving it should be shared by two, Pescatore alla Puttanesca (an assortment of seafood on spicy and peppery tomato sauce), the spicyness prevents the satiating effect, it's also yummy, and the shakes served in real tall glass mugs - all refreshing! The salads and p…

A Pizzerrific Sunday

Finally, the nearest PIZZA COMPANY restaurant came to town. Since, Riley is a big fan of pizza & pasta, we decided to have a "pizzerrific" sunday last weekend in Festival Mall. Menu wise, the restaurant offers quite a good selection. The salads and desserts are interesting ( or probably they've got real nice product shots in their menu). We opted for a gang-set which costs Php 729. The set includes onion rings, chicken wings, pasta, 1 whole pizza - your choice of toppings and a pitcher of softdrinks. This set can serve 4 - 5 persons. Not Bad for the price huh?! Taste wise, only selected items satisfied our tastebuds. The pasta has a good blend of herbs that even kids can appreciate, Riley enjoyed it. The onion rings failed in comparison with other pizza or italian restaurant, it's really so - so. The chicken is perceived to be too much cooked, the meat is no longer tender. And finally, the pizza! It's acceptable as it is, filling, spicy but there's nothin…