Bonding at BUON GIORNO!


After hearing so much raves about this Italian restaurant in Tagaytay named - Buon Giorno!, finally we had a chance of sampling it last May 16. Thanks to Mr. Park for making this experience possible. Buon Giorno, by the way means Good Morning or Good Day. Indeed the restaurant's name is also synonymous to good food. They've got great selection of Italian Cuisine. Remarkable are their Bruschetta (tomatoes, mozarella & basil on garlic olive toast), it has a good sweet & sour blend, Mushroom Dip which is creamy and real tasty, Di Canneloni Spinaci (tender bits of chicken & mortadella ham rolled in sheets of spinach pasta smothered with tomato sauce and cheese), simply delicious! but too much for single serving it should be shared by two, Pescatore alla Puttanesca (an assortment of seafood on spicy and peppery tomato sauce), the spicyness prevents the satiating effect, it's also yummy, and the shakes served in real tall glass mugs - all refreshing! The salads and pizza are also satisfying, what more with its affordability and ambiance. However, the dolci's are a bit overpriced for the taste. Anyway, anyone can pass on the dessert after consuming all the other filling and superb entrees. All in all, this restaurant is a sure winner! We'll definitely go back.

It's always relaxing to see the Taal Volcano

A peek of what's inside Buon Giorno

A Starstruck pose? :-)

Fire Lake Grill - The steak house in the compound

Platito - The sandwich house

Domicillo - The furniture house

The relaxing garden of Cliffhouse

It's probably good to just laze around here..


and AFTER....

These repertoire definitely filled our tummies....
Green Goddess Salad & Bruschetta

Trio of Crostini

Foie Gras Insalata
(pecan caramel has a burnt caramelic note and the goose liver has a pronounced bitter aftertaste)

Di Canneloni Spinaci

Lasagne Al Forno

Proscuito Al Funghi

Mudslide Freeze

Dalandan and Grapes Shake


This is life! :-)

Buon Giorno
Tagaytay Cliffhouse
(046) 4132102


Unknown said…
Bon Giorno! Really, this is a restaurant which is not really hyped (compared to some famous restos in Manila) but can offer one of the best Italian dishes. I am pretty sure even Italians themselves would recommend Noypis this resto because it showcases Italian cuisine at its best. Simply mouth watering, tummy filling and yes, you don't need to "poke your eyes!" just to appreciate the presentation of each dish...delectable! And yes, really a value for money"....

Thanks to masterblogger for posting the pics! And got me in that "Starstruck pose"...hehehe..guess the Mudslide Freeze really got me off my senses to do those so called "patented" poses..hahaha!

The experience in Bon Giorno is amplified by the high energetic group...who else??? The RND which made the place well..uhmmm... "palengkerish" but sophisticated...Yeah..we just enjoyed the food, the ambience, the sights...(Taal is just a few yards away!) Bon Giorno experience is really something worth blogging...hehehe...

And the best part is...we didnt have to spend a single cent! Hahaha! Mr Park! Thank you...Grazie muy a todos! (That's Italianish...Italian and Spanish)...hehehe..Kamsa hamnida!

Master blogger, thanks again...Bon Giorno! Good day!!! Bon Appetit! Yum Yum!
Anonymous said…
Kudos, your blog is very informative :)

I agree with you on how great their food is. Although one thing I noticed in your blog is, you never mentioned anything about their service. I'm assuming it was also good, which is the exact opposite of what I encountered this past weekend and two weeks earlier :( which makes me wonder why they charge a 10% service charge for a lousy job in delivering our food and bill within a reasonable amount of time.

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