A Pizzerrific Sunday

Finally, the nearest PIZZA COMPANY restaurant came to town. Since, Riley is a big fan of pizza & pasta, we decided to have a "pizzerrific" sunday last weekend in Festival Mall. Menu wise, the restaurant offers quite a good selection. The salads and desserts are interesting ( or probably they've got real nice product shots in their menu). We opted for a gang-set which costs Php 729. The set includes onion rings, chicken wings, pasta, 1 whole pizza - your choice of toppings and a pitcher of softdrinks. This set can serve 4 - 5 persons. Not Bad for the price huh?! Taste wise, only selected items satisfied our tastebuds. The pasta has a good blend of herbs that even kids can appreciate, Riley enjoyed it. The onion rings failed in comparison with other pizza or italian restaurant, it's really so - so. The chicken is perceived to be too much cooked, the meat is no longer tender. And finally, the pizza! It's acceptable as it is, filling, spicy but there's nothing more exciting in it. Generally, pizza company is a cross between shakeys and pizzahut. The only thing we liked about it is - it's affordable. The next time we crave for pizza, we'll probably opt for a Don Henrico's, Yellow Cab or CPK.


Anonymous said…
the dough of their pizza is yummy and soft esp. if its hot! the servings of the pasta was kinda small though.

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