A Zong's Dinner Experience... Take Five

A restaurant in Westgate, Alabang that boasts of "no MSG added" in the food that it serves; Zong is always worthy of a visit. Apart from its claim, the food tastes good, fairly priced. Add to that, a relatively fast service and a very accessible location, what will keep you from trying it out?! If you're looking for a la carte chinese cuisine that is affordable and safe (i.e. afraid of risking your money to something new but at least it'll be worth it), this is the place to be. We'll recommend it for group dining though, as the serving sizes are too much for a pair. We always loved their hot prawn salad and it's still the same as the first time we tried it in 2006. We might have more takes on this resto, not just five. As what their Menu Card states ....

Fried Tofu with salt & pepper

Sauted Shrimps and Vegetables in Chili Sauce (healthy & yummy)

Riley, enjoying the Kropeck in the Five Spiced Chicken

Smile pa rin while waiting for the foods to arrive... haay not too long

Westgate, Alabang
Muntinlupa City


Anonymous said…
hi nice seeing your adventure with foods.... may we request if you can post to your site, how much Zong foods cost? thank you!
more power in this site of yours....
Sherra said…
Hi! Thanks for dropping by at our site.
The price of a la carte at ZOng's range from P188 - P288 per order. Their refillable iced tea costs P60. The soup is P88 per order but it can be shared by 2.

Trivia: You'll notice in their menu, all prices end at number 8. :-)

For a group of 4 - 5 persons, expect to spend around P1k++.

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