"You don't wanna be close" Encounter with Animals @ Tagaytay Residence Inn

We've been wanting to bring the kids to a zoo, specially Riley since he's so akin to animals (I don't know where he got this trait coz I'm certainly not one). And given that Residence Inn is just a couple of minutes away from us, so off we went last weekend. We almost want to get out the moment we stepped in because of the not so inviting smell of the place. We were dismayed that it's now poorly maintained aside from the very few animals that you can see inside. Look at this pony that Riley had a picture with, it seemed "kawawa" that we had second thoughts of riding him on it. Likewise, some animals appeared not so healthy such as the Ostrich and the monkeys. Haay, how we wish that the Philippines have a Zoo that can be at par with what our other neighboring asian countries like Singapore have. It's so ironic that a small island which does not have that vast flora and fauna managed to create such tourist attraction. Probably the next time that we give the kids an "animal experience", it'll be some other place.

The Residence Inn
Aguinaldo Highway,Tagytay City


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