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Our Taste of Life - The Christmas Edition

Hi everyone! I'm extremely delighted to share with you that the Christmas edition of Our Taste of Life Online Magazine is out now! Do check it out and I hope it'll inspire you more to look forward to the Holiday preparations.

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

The opening of world renowned Lady Iron Chef - Cat Cora's, restaurant in Singapore definitely made a buzz and waves of reviews around the island. Being owned by "the" first and only Lady Iron Chef, it's already a big brand not to resist. So when I heard about it, it was certainly one of my must visit dining places for this year. The perfect timing came yesterday to celebrate my birthday with the family. I've made the reservation more than a month in advance to ensure that we got the front row seat near the aquarium. Fortunately I did, because the kids really enjoyed watching the marine animals while waiting and devouring their food. Also, I wanted a not so formal dining experience hence, I opted for a lunch visit instead of dinner. (Read: the restaurant is more strict in their dress code during dinner). A 3-Course Set Lunch Menu This is what the restaurant promises to provide you and as far as the underwater dining feel is concerned, it did deliver.   I love h…

Jamie's Italian, Singapore

More than three months since Jamie's Italian opened its doors to the Singapore food community, the buzz about the restaurant hasn't died down a bit; much less its long queues of diners. We were fortunate enough to have tried it just a few weeks after its opening and with more than an hour of waiting time, I'm sure the first question that comes to our mind is that - is it worth it? Precisely what my friends and colleagues asked me after our dining experience. To date, there are mixed reviews about the restaurant. In general, I would say just like any other food place anywhere in the world, it's also a case of a hit and miss. I know this might be a bit disappointing owing to the well established celebrity status of Jamie Oliver. This is the least that we could expect from one of his chains. However, it's also the kind of restaurant that you would want to be more lenient about and give it another chance. Again, maybe because the brand "Jamie Oliver" has som…

An Absolute Birthday Feast

It was the husband's birthday the other day and we've decided to celebrate it simply at home. As far as home made meal is concerned, nothing can beat it on special occasions. Hence, I dressed up our dining table with sure hit dishes that dining outside is no longer an option.   As in any birthday celebration, a cake is always a must have. This time around, I braved Ina Garten's very popular chocolate cake. And to tell you honestly, this is by far the best chocolate cake that I've tried! I can now attest to all the positive comments Ina Garten had on this cake recipe. The recipe is easy to modify yet the overall quality of the cake is not affected.  Although I didn't follow the recipe by heart, the cake still turned out perfectly fine. The sponge is moist, a bit decadent but still light in mouth feel. This will definitely be my favourite chocolate cake base. I can complement it with any ganache or frosting next time. Indeed, it's another satisfying recipe from …