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Celebrating Mother's Day at The Line Restaurant, Shangrila Hotel

After countless calls to popular restaurants around the island, we ended up celebrating Mother's Day in The Line at Shangri-la Hotel along Orange Grove Rd. It was not my first choice as I heard mixed reviews about the buffet in this restaurant. However, those that I preferred were all fully booked and can hardly accomodate us. The restaurant was likewise full-packed when we arrived considering that we were booked on a second seating (1:30 pm - 3:00 pm). Oh well, this day must be really busy then for the celebration.
Of course there's an on-going promotion for moms...

The restaurant is well lit hence, it doesn't have a claustrophobic ambiance. However, it's still not spacious enough. The alleys are quite narrow that it's relatively difficult to move around hopping for food. 

As I passed by the meat carving station, my eyes caught this real big roasted lamb.
A number of appetizers to choose from..
One of my favorites, the noodle station..
 Fresh fruits although…

Soup Restaurant

Since my tastebuds met Soup Restaurant's famous "Samsui Ginger Chicken", I've been continuoulsy haunted by its delicious, succulent taste. It's really so good that I can eat it as it is, without any rice. So imagine my delight when my colleagues and I visited the restaurant's branch in Clementi Mall a few days ago; it's absolute excitement! As we partake in the sumptuous lunch, all of us agreed that the chicken was indeed the star of the feast. The ginger sauce is a good condiment that perfectly blends with the chicken. It provides a characteristic note to its overall taste. Instead of a la carte choices, we tried one of their set menus and the foods were relatively good. This restaurant is definitely on my list for satisfying a craving for a great tasting chicken. 


Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Sentosa

Interested on a gastronomic journey of authentic popular Malaysian hawker fare? Look no further, Malaysian Food Street in Resorts World Sentosa promises just that to its patrons. This food haven was open to public not so long ago. I heard a number of raves about the place. Since we have a family visitor to bring around town, we decided to head over at Resorts World Sentosa last weekend. There, we had a chance to experience what this increasingly becoming popular food street has to offer. 
The ambiance inside the dining hall mimics the architecture and street decor of Malaysia in the 1970s. It elicits an old town feel a bit dimly lit.
It houses the famous and heritage hawker brands of Malaysian origin such as these...

One of the stalls that really captured my wandering appetite was the Penang Lim Brother's Char Koay Teow. The queue was relatively long and the waiting time is 20 mins minimum. I patiently waited to have a taste of this.  It's generally oily and spicy. There…

Caramel Cake

Initially, I was having some second thoughts on whether I will make a post on this cake recipe or not. But in the end, I decided to do so since there are some learnings that I gathered from the baking experience. It's my first time to be baking a Caramel Cake. I remember back in the Philippines, there's a popular bakeshop - Red Ribbon that makes a very good caramel cake. It's specifically called Dulce De Leche. It's a light chiffon cake with a combined caramel and custard filling. It's one of my favorites actually. I was craving for a similar kind so I thought of preparing one for a dessert at home. However, there's not much caramel cake recipe that you can find. There are only a few online much less in cookbooks, so I just trusted Martha Stewart's version. Generally, the base for this recipe is nice. However, I was not wowed by the butter cream frosting. You can opt to substitute it with any other type. The taste of the melted butter was too overpowering …