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CNY Festive Goodies

The town started to paint red. It could only mean one thing - Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner. Although we don't really celebrate this occasion (we're not Chinese), I like the happy and hopeful vibes this festivity brings in. One of the things that I look forward to in this time of the year is the abundance of CNY goodies and sweet treats. When I went to do my grocery shopping recently, the aisles of the supermarket is now filled with delightful pastries and sweets. Among my favorites are the Nonya Love Letters (Egg Roll), Lily Honey Cookies and Kuih Baulu in fancy cute fish shapes. All these make a good snacking options. My kids love them too.

Have you started getting your goodies yet?

Trio Cheese Chicken Penne and Tuna Linguine with Capers

Once again, foods are overflowing in the last Christmas celebration. And to think that the festivity is not yet through (read : New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations are still to come), romancing our tastebuds is definitely far from over too. I'd like to share some pasta recipes that I've stirred up during our annual Christmas potluck and Christmas party events. One that's rich, creamy and cheesy and the other that's light and healthy. Since I've prepared this for a number of people, the serving size is big. You may adjust the amount of the ingredients depending on the number of people you will serve it to.

What you need: 1kg Penne Pasta cooked according to package directions, 2 cups pasta water reserve, 1 kg chicken breast fillet (cut into cubes), 1 large onion (chopped), 7 cloves garlic (finely chopped), 2 large glass bottles (600g) of traditional pasta sauce, 4 cans of cream of mushroom soup, 1 can of cut button mushrooms, dried itali…

Christmas 2011

It's been a while since my last post here. Boy, that was another long hiatus! The holiday season caught me in all forms. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration. This was how our home looked like this season...

Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Hotel

I was looking for a good Chinese Restaurant as venue for dinner in celebrating my son's graduation in Kindergarten. When I browsed through the internet, the choices are quite enormous. However, the place Hai Tien Lo kept on appearing in a lot of food blogs and food reviews. This seemed to be a really popular restaurant then. After much careful thought, I yielded to give it a try. Fortunately, it did not disappoint me.
Armed with a recognition of being one of Singapore's Best Restaurant by Singapore Tatler and Women's Weekly, Hai Tien Lo must be among the creme de la creme of Singapore's dining scene. It basically offers cantonese cuisine and what the menu states leaves an impression of high expectation.
"Indulge in a sumptuous Cantonese cuisine with breathtaking views of Singapore skyline. Master Chef Lai Tong Ping presents exquisite dining menus upholding the finest quality, consistency and culinary creativity at Hai Tien Lo."
Since it's a rainy evening w…

Equinox at Swissotel The Stamford

Dining at Equinox Restaurant in Swissotel the Stamford is definitely more than a feast in the tastebuds. It's a feast in the eye as well. Located at the 70th floor of the tallest building in Singapore, the view is just stunning.
On the food offering, it's generally a semi-buffet set up consisting of generous selections of appetizers and desserts. I particularly liked the sweets & desserts area. In terms of choices, it's not too overwhelming neither too few. I would say it has enough of the basics that you would expect for in a buffet.  

Apart from the buffet options, you have to select for your main course from a menu. That day, my husband and I opted for the salmon and beef dish. Although the salmon was overly done, the beef was a sure delight to the palate. The tenderness was just right and very juicy.

One thing that I also liked at Equinox is its very serene ambiance. The interior design of the restaurant is plain and simple yet relaxing. I would love to come back he…

Mushroom Bolognese Penne Pasta

Life has been terribly busy this year. So busy it is, that I can no longer recall the exact time I last cooked at home. Saying that I really missed this usual hobby is beyond a restrained statement. Luckily, the husband celebrated his birthday recently and that gave me enough reason to reunite with my pots and pans. Without actual plannning, I prepared this pasta dish to add into our dinner repertoire last weekend.  Mushroom Bolognese Penne Pasta

What you need : 250 g penne pasta cooked according to package directions, 1 med sized onion (finely chopped), 1 250 ml jar of bolognese sauce, 1 small can of condensed cream of garlic mushroom, 1/2 tsp ground-dry basil leaves, 2 tbsps olive oil, 250g ground beef, salt & pepper to taste, 1 cup of pasta water reserve, grated parmesan cheese for topping
How to make : Cook pasta according to package directions, drain and set aside. Take out 1 cup of pasta water reserve, set aside. Heat olive oil in a sauce pan. Saute onions and beef until tender…

Garret Popcorn

If the Philippines has Chef Tony's, Singapore has Garret. That's for a popular Popcorn I mean. Being enticed by its sweet, buttery pleasant aroma, I was tempted to try and discover this increasingly becoming Singapore's favorite popcorn. Since my palate is more geared towards savoury, I usually prefers the salty type of popcorn. Hence, induging into a sweet version is something new to me.
I noticed from the selection that most of the flavors Garret offers are nut based. Cashew, Almond, Pecan and Macadamia. I'm beginning to be partial on the later flavor. The crunchy - creamy taste of macadamia blends well with the caramelized popped corn kernels. Likewise, there are the usual classics such as Plain Caramel and Cheese. Overall, I find it too sweet. At times, the caramel note goes beyond satiating. I can only consume a handful. Nevertheless, it's an interesting snacking option.

Goodbye Steve Jobs, i-Mourn.

The world is abuzz with the death of the most brilliant wizard of our modern time, Steve Jobs. The online community is flocked with heart-warming stories and tributes to the great man, now, this blog included. Honestly, it took me quite awhile to appreciate and embrace Apple goods. I remember back then, I was just limiting myself to an iPod. I hardly believe that I would be tempted to buy any of its kin of products. But it was not too long when iPhone unleashed me from holding back. I knew just then that I will be converted. When my hands managed to find its way to the uber user-friendly iPad2, my life was changed. Like many others, my life was transformed by Steve Job's creations.
Steve Jobs' vision for a powerful digital life transfigured in all of Apple's gadgets. For all Apple users, truly, it's beyond just owning them. Today, I feel sad, we all are.The world definitely mourns his loss. But we should be more than thankful for what he had left of us. His well lived …

Osaka Town

I found another good mid-range Japanese resto in town. Tucked at the basement level of Raffles City, Osaka Town offers good tasting Chanpon noodles and Okonomiyakis.

Although a bit oily, the Steak Combo is a filling meal to have. It's a combination of pork, chicken, salmon, baked potatoes and some vegetables.

 Fish Tempura, this is good. The fish has a pleasant aftertaste.

 Sakura (Prawn) Okonomiyaki also called Okos...

Seafood Chanpon Noodles - it says in the menu that this type of noodles originated from Kyushu in Japan. Chanpon means to mix various things. Several ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetable are boiled in a signature thick noodle soup. The serving is huge but the noodle dish is surprisingly not overpowering. The soup is thick but not too satiating. It actually feels like a healthy food to take.

Osaka Town
B1-72/73/74 Raffles City Shopping Center
252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore

Soup Restaurant's Samsui Chicken

Apart from the famous Chicken Rice, there's a similar Chicken Dish that will leave you wanting for more - Samsui Chicken . I kid you not, you will love it for it's succulent, juicy and meaty character. When I first tried it at Soup Restaurant, I knew from then on that I would be a convert from the typical Chicken Rice. It's comforting to know that finally, there's a ginger chicken that I could eat sans the very oily rice. The dish is basically a steamed chicken. It's usually eaten dipped in a fragrant ginger sauce then rolled into a lettuce with some cucumber. The ginger sauce is key to this appetizing dish. It's that note that defines its overall appeal. For a more healthy bite, I usually take out the skin. Though if you would consider its simplicity and the way the chicken is cooked, it's indeed a healthier alternative from other chicken meals.

Ice Cream Thick Toast by Toast Box

Here comes something new at Toast Box, an Ice Cream Thick Toast!

Literally, ice cream on a toast bread.  I think this isn't new at all concept wise. Perhaps an upgraded version of the local favorite one dollar ice cream? It's offered as a set with a choice of any drinks. I tried the Peanut Butter and Kaya Ice Cream. While the former was too sweet to the palate, the later was just ok. The sweetened red mongo beans on top of the ice cream added an enjoyable texture dimension. It's a definitely filling combination and the smooth mouthfeel of the ice cream gave a rich, fatty impression. With a selling price of $5.80, I would rather go for a serving of ColdStone Ice Cream though.