Soup Restaurant's Samsui Chicken

Apart from the famous Chicken Rice, there's a similar Chicken Dish that will leave you wanting for more - Samsui Chicken . I kid you not, you will love it for it's succulent, juicy and meaty character. When I first tried it at Soup Restaurant, I knew from then on that I would be a convert from the typical Chicken Rice. It's comforting to know that finally, there's a ginger chicken that I could eat sans the very oily rice. The dish is basically a steamed chicken. It's usually eaten dipped in a fragrant ginger sauce then rolled into a lettuce with some cucumber. The ginger sauce is key to this appetizing dish. It's that note that defines its overall appeal. For a more healthy bite, I usually take out the skin. Though if you would consider its simplicity and the way the chicken is cooked, it's indeed a healthier alternative from other chicken meals.

Wintermelon Soup, it goes well with Samsui Chicken.


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