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Good Eats in Taipei (Part 1 of 4; The Taipei Experience)

It's my first time to visit one of Asia's bustling cities, TAIPEI. Although the trip was ultimately work related, it still gave me a chance to explore some of the city's wonders. In 4 days, the city left a remarkable impression in me. It was indeed an unforgettable taste of a Taiwanese life! There are so much to share and blog about. It's an experience filled with historical discoveries, real surprises and distinctive adventures. With that, this all about Taipei Post will be divided into 4 parts: Part 1 - Good Eats in Taipei
Part 2 - Taiwan International Food Show

Part 3 - Going Around Taipei: The Must See

Part 4 - Shopping in Taipei

For now I'll let you have a taste of the first installment, the delightful Taiwanese Cuisine and the good eats Taipei can offer. In the entire duration of the trip, there was no meal occasion that my colleague and I did not enjoy. Every food that got into our palate deserved a pleasing nod or that popular Japanese sensory gesture, OISHI (ma…

OFF to another Fascinating ASIAN City

In the coming days, I'll be exploring another vibrant city in Asia. I'm sure it'll make a great subject for posting. I've already read a lot of good reviews of this industrialized city. Now is my time to discover it. Thus, no post will be made until I get back by end of this month.

Martabak Manis

I've mentioned in my previous post on Martabak Cafe, that I had mixed evaluations of their Choco Cheese Martabak. Incidentally, I find the Pancake base too much in carbonate taste. Just over that it already elicited an off trace. In my quest to identify where that off note is coming from, I tried to make my own Martabak Manis at home. Good thing an Indonesian colleague generously gave me a recipe to work on. However, it did not turn out as simple as I expected it to be.
Nonetheless, after some trial and error I finally made a version that suited our palate (at least something that my family and I will enjoy for breakfast :-)). When I perused the recipe, it made my hunch more clear that the off note came from too much Baking Powder. I cannot think of any other source. (Feel free to share if you consider otherwise). From my hands-on Martabak experience, the challenge really is to come up with a good pancake base. Tastewise, it should have clean, pleasant notes. Also, it should be go…


"Authentic English Pies" by Thermos Bakeshop is another recent food finds in Tagaytay. I recall it was featured by one of the leading local newspapers in its Lifestyle section. Definitely, the article stirred some curiosity in me since then. Thus, I never forget to include it in my "must grab food list". Finally, the moment to dig up this divinely delicious goodie has come. Upon reaching the store, its signage clearly stated authentic english pies with three banner flavors to choose from - Chicken Mushroom, Beef Mushroom and Apple. According to them, the best seller is the Chicken Mushroom Pie. Without further hesitation, we tried and savoured all the goodness this flavor has to offer. Fortunately, it's another true to its claim! I find the blend of chicken and mushroom complementing. The characteristic note of the herbs used is also distinct but it did not come out too greeny. It rather fused nicely with the pie's creamy aftertaste. On the whole, it taste…

ROWENA'S Cafe and its Tarts

Tagaytay boasts not only of superb ambiance and scenery. It is a wealthy pot of great food finds as well. From fresh produce to homemade delicacies along with many delightful restaurants, clearly, it's a foodie haven! And just when we thought, we've already exploited everything there is in Tagaytay, we learned of "another must-try". Rowena'sCafe happened to be in Tagaytay for a long time already but we simply pass by this store whenever we go there. We almost lose a treasure by too familiar a view. Ever since a colleague brought a sample of its Buco Tart in the office, I started to crave for more. So when we had our chance to visit Tagaytay again, we dropped by at the place. We were quite surprised that what looked like a simple "Pasalubong Store" from the outside, transpired into a home of enormous sweet and savory products. As an added bonus, there's also a Cafe inside. Incidentally, Rowena's carry a lot of different food brands other than its…


Global Fun Carnival is a new attraction in town that brings excitement to everyone from kids and adults alike. It was described from it's website as the first Europen-style Carnival to travel in Asia. Most of the rides here came from Germany and Italy. For those who want to be assured of the safety of all the rides and attractions, you will be pleased to know that they have passed the TUV World Safety Standards and China's Standard Safety Measures. They made sure that all visitors are well informed by this through posters at the entrance booth of each ride. The Carnival is open daily from 4:00 pm onwards, Monday - Friday and 1:00 pm onwards on weekends. The best time to go there is between 4 :00 - 5:00 pm where the sun had already shy away and the crowd has not yet grown too much. More so, the queue is still manageable thus, you can better maximize the "ride all you can" ticket. Incidentally, there's no per ride fee inside the Carnival so it's either you buy …