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Our Taste of Life - The Christmas Edition

Hi everyone! I'm extremely delighted to share with you that the Christmas edition of Our Taste of Life Online Magazine is out now! Do check it out and I hope it'll inspire you more to look forward to the Holiday preparations.

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

The opening of world renowned Lady Iron Chef - Cat Cora's, restaurant in Singapore definitely made a buzz and waves of reviews around the island. Being owned by "the" first and only Lady Iron Chef, it's already a big brand not to resist. So when I heard about it, it was certainly one of my must visit dining places for this year. The perfect timing came yesterday to celebrate my birthday with the family. I've made the reservation more than a month in advance to ensure that we got the front row seat near the aquarium. Fortunately I did, because the kids really enjoyed watching the marine animals while waiting and devouring their food. Also, I wanted a not so formal dining experience hence, I opted for a lunch visit instead of dinner. (Read: the restaurant is more strict in their dress code during dinner). A 3-Course Set Lunch Menu This is what the restaurant promises to provide you and as far as the underwater dining feel is concerned, it did deliver.   I love h…