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Bali Thai Restaurant

Asian Fusion from the best of both worlds is probably the most appropriate description for BaliThai Restaurant. A marriage between Indonesian and Thai Cuisines, diners are in for a wide array of choices. I've been seeing this restaurant for awhile in Singapore but I've never had the chance to visit it until recently. If you're a fan of Thai and Indonesian foods, this is the place for you. Often times when we pass by the restaurant, there's always a long queue. It must be so popular that a reservation is therefore, recommended. Food wise, the taste is generally acceptable. It's not extremely superb but neither it's mediocre. Service is quite fast as soon as you've settled with your orders. Overall, it's a safe choice.  Seafood Fried Rice
 Pineapple Fried Rice
Sweet & Sour Pork Thai Iced Tea

Derwish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant

We've been living in Singapore for three years now. Yet, I just lately realized that I haven't explored the garden city much. There are so many places that I still have to discover. Foodie havens in particular. Fortunately, together with some colleagues, I had the chance to visit the famous Arab street for a middle eastern food adventure. Derwish Turkish Restaurant was the chosen place to sample the cuisine.  Without a doubt, the restaurant exudes a middle eastern ambiance.    This was my first time to try Turkish food and I wouldn't mind having it again. It was generally good. Most dishes taste mild and not overpowering. The balance of herbs and spices provide a distinguishing feature to it. The Kebabs are considered the specialities and I couldn't agree more.    A platter of different kinds of salads and dips - the perfect accompaniment to the bread
 Lavash Bread
 Mixed Kebab
Grilled Cod Fish with Vegetables
 Skewered Marinated Sea Bass

 A rea…

Shopping in Bangkok

If shopping is part of your vacation itinerary, Bangkok is definitely the place to be. The city is known to be a shopping mecca. And there's no contention on that because they have anything and everything that shopaholics look for. From high end  designer labels to bazaars merchandise, they have it all. The only key to be able to maximize your shopping mileage is to find a hotel with a good location and accessibility to the shopping districts. Tuktuk and BTS are your best mode of transportations to hop from one shopping area to another. Just make sure that you take care of your belongings (as in literally hold on to them tight) when riding a tuktuk as "snatching" is quite rampant.   Designer shops near Phloenchit Station. I noticed though, that prices of goods are more expensive compared to Hong Kong and Singapore. If you're averse with the inconvenience of open air shopping, big shopping malls are the places for you. Some of the most popular ones are MBK, CENTRAL WO…

New Year's Eve Countdown @ Carlton Hotel

This was our third year to celebrate New Year in Singapore. Having used to celebrating it at home in the Philippines amidst firecrackers and noise, the Singapore way is completely different, utterly silent, pollution and smoke free. We stayed at Carlton Hotel to be able to view the much awaited New Year's countdown at the Marina Bay. From the club lounge on the highest level of the hotel, we managed to get some shots of the fireworks display. However, the music that goes along with it was hardly recognizable from where we were. It was a blocked view by the way. So, the best hotels to catch the fireworks display are still those facing the bay.  Located in the new wing of the hotel, this was the Premier Club Room, spacious and clean.  Welcome fruits
Since we are staying at the premier club room, we have the options to dine either at the club lounge or at the CafĂ© Mosaic for breakfast. We opted for the later because they have more choices. It was overall a nice stay. Note: This is…

2012 Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner preparation last year went completely different for me. It was a first of many kinds. From our Bangkok vacation, we went back to Singapore on the 24th of December. We touched down Changi Airport at 4:30 in the afternoon. Hence, that only gave me a few hours to prepare for our Christmas Eve Dinner or Noche Buena to most Filipinos. I gathered whatever physical energy was left of me to be able to whip up the entire menu. Yes, to make it happen amidst jetlag and all, it was mind over matter. And thank God, everything turned out well. For this year's table setting, It's still the same traditional colours of red and green. I had Christmas party poppers which the kids loved. The menu consisted as usual, of the family members favourites and food requests.   
Shrimps, Mango and Avocado Salad  Macaroni and Cheese Deluxe - recipe taken from the domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson no less
Due to time constraints, it was the first time that I combine some store-bought f…

Bangkok's Famous Attractions : Dream World and Siam Ocean World

Visiting a theme park is not your best agenda in Bangkok. However, since we're travelling with kids their interest was put on priority. We visited two of the most popular family attractions - Dream World and SIAM Ocean World while on vacation there. Dream World is located in Thanyaburi District, about an hour and a half ride from Bangkok. Considering Bangkok's weather, it was very hot when we went. Hence, we only spent three hours there since the heat is already killing us. We only tried a few rides as most didn't look interesting enough. Generally, the theme park was not a hit to my kids. If you've been to Disneyland or Universal Studios, this is nowhere near these two exciting places. But since there's really limited things to do for kids in Bangkok, this is one of the few options to consider if you're looking for one.

Siam Ocean World on the other hand, was a different story compared to Dream World. This is a must visit place for family. It's relativel…