Bangkok's Famous Attractions : Dream World and Siam Ocean World

Visiting a theme park is not your best agenda in Bangkok. However, since we're travelling with kids their interest was put on priority. We visited two of the most popular family attractions - Dream World and SIAM Ocean World while on vacation there. Dream World is located in Thanyaburi District, about an hour and a half ride from Bangkok. Considering Bangkok's weather, it was very hot when we went. Hence, we only spent three hours there since the heat is already killing us. We only tried a few rides as most didn't look interesting enough. Generally, the theme park was not a hit to my kids. If you've been to Disneyland or Universal Studios, this is nowhere near these two exciting places. But since there's really limited things to do for kids in Bangkok, this is one of the few options to consider if you're looking for one.

Siam Ocean World on the other hand, was a different story compared to Dream World. This is a must visit place for family. It's relatively small compared to other Ocean Worlds or Under Water Worlds in Asia, but the overall concept was well executed. I don't know why, but there's something in this place that I really liked. It feels so homey. I even liked it more than Hong Kong's version.
Aquarium showing the life in the reef
 Viewing tunnel

Glass bottom boat ride to see the marine species up close. 

A big aquarium showcasing real big sea creatures
Colourful small fishes


Nami said…
Nice Sharing Friend. Your images are so nice and looks like a enjoyable places. it is the best places to enjoy the summer season.
Beauty of the world said…
Nice sharing!!
Unknown said…
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