The Amazing Thai Cuisine

One of the best things to do while in Bangkok is to go on a food adventure. If you're looking for a place to go food tripping, this city should be at the top of your list. Think of aromatic herbs and spices, rich taste and flavours, it's certainly one of the best places to have all of these. Having visited the country for a couple of times, it's really safe to say that Bangkok is a foodie haven. Whether you dine in a posh restaurant awarded with a certain recognition or in a make shift - side street food kiosk, I'm sure there's always something to like about.
I'm simply delighted that I was reunited with some of the world famous and familiar Thai foods. Likewise, it was a good experience for the kids to be introduced to a different food culture. 
The most popular noodle dish - Pad Thai. We had it in almost all of the restaurants we dined in and believe it or not, the taste was so consistent.
Fried rice is also very popular. You can try it in many varieties. 

I love this soup! Whenever I visit Bangkok, I always made sure that I have a taste of this satisfying broth. The combination of all the components in the dish blend perfectly well - ground pork, soft tofu, vegetables and fresh herbs. You couldn't ask for anything more!  

The vegetable dishes in Thailand are also worth to be had. I like it that it's always served saucy type.

 Seafood steamboat. So fresh and clean in taste! Definitely a good starter of a meal.
 Fried Fish Cakes with a number of dipping sauce to choose from. So addictive!

 Soft Shell Crab in a salad. So tasty!
 Fried Prawn Cake - another must have! It's a very good starter or side dish.
Thai Green Curry - another signature Thai dish worth remembering. The melange of flavours from coconut milk and fresh herbs lingers through your palate.
With all these taste sensations, Bangkok, you never fail to satisfy a wandering appetite!


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