New Year's Eve Countdown @ Carlton Hotel

This was our third year to celebrate New Year in Singapore. Having used to celebrating it at home in the Philippines amidst firecrackers and noise, the Singapore way is completely different, utterly silent, pollution and smoke free. We stayed at Carlton Hotel to be able to view the much awaited New Year's countdown at the Marina Bay. From the club lounge on the highest level of the hotel, we managed to get some shots of the fireworks display. However, the music that goes along with it was hardly recognizable from where we were. It was a blocked view by the way. So, the best hotels to catch the fireworks display are still those facing the bay. 
Located in the new wing of the hotel, this was the Premier Club Room, spacious and clean.
 Welcome fruits
Since we are staying at the premier club room, we have the options to dine either at the club lounge or at the Café Mosaic for breakfast. We opted for the later because they have more choices. It was overall a nice stay.
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