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Popular Korean Noodles now in the Metro

With the growing population of Koreans in the Philippines (now considered the 2nd largest foreign community next to Chinese), it's but a natural phenomenon for Korean Foods to become popular in the country. Consequently, Korean Stores and Restaurants have began to flourish. Thus, it'll be interesting to sample some of Korea's popular noodle dishes in Metro Manila. Now, were the dishes worthy enough of our day? Read on and have a peek of our Korean Noodles benchmarking activity.

Basically, we're in the look for the best Chajang and ChampongNoodles. Chajang is a black bean paste which can be served with rice or noodles while Champong is a spicy seafood noodles generously served with chilies and vegetables. Both dishes are normally offered in Chinese-Korean Restaurants. As recommended by a Korean colleague, we raded two restaurants known for serving these foods: China Castle and Pukkyong (Beijing) Restaurant. Yeah, you read them right. Chinese named Restaurants serving Ko…

Amazing THAILAND (Part 2 of 2)

One of the best things to try and worth exploring in Thailand is the local FOOD. The herbs and spices in Thai Cuisine are simply irresistible however, liking them might be selective and acquired unless you're an adventurous foodie. The most common ingredients used for cooking are Lemon grass, Galangal, Kaffir lime leaves, Chili, Coconut Milk and Bean Sprouts. The aroma of these herbs and spices lingered all over the place. For me, the must try Thai foods are the following:


I'm so unlucky this time I didn't have the opportunity to sample this one. I have tried the Chicken and Seafood Tom Yum before during my first visit in Thailand but that was years ago already. That's why it's so unfortunate to have missed this one great dish. When you travel to this country, make sure you try this national dish.


Pad Thai Noodles (stir-fried rice noodles or glass noodles with onion chives, bean sprouts, shrimp, fried egg and peanut); swe…

Amazing THAILAND (Part 1 of 2)

It's almost a week since I arrived from Thailand and I know that this post is long over due. Apparently, it took me a while to get things back to normal for both work and family. I was out for such a short span of time yet I missed my kids so much! I just realized how attached I am to them. Probably so much that the moment I boarded the plane I almost wanted to head back home and take my kids with me. From that moment, I know I was not made to be an OFW material. But since there is work that needs to be done and a professional career to look into, the best thing that I can do is to make up for the lost time when I get back and so I did. Although the schedule was a bit tight for work, I still managed to get some interesting finds from this amazing country. The photo above is one of the many bigger than life sized-images inside the Suvarnabhumi (su-wan-na-poom) Airport. Indeed it lives up to Thais' claim of having a nice, real big airport. I heard it's the second largest in A…