Popular Korean Noodles now in the Metro

With the growing population of Koreans in the Philippines (now considered the 2nd largest foreign community next to Chinese), it's but a natural phenomenon for Korean Foods to become popular in the country. Consequently, Korean Stores and Restaurants have began to flourish. Thus, it'll be interesting to sample some of Korea's popular noodle dishes in Metro Manila. Now, were the dishes worthy enough of our day? Read on and have a peek of our Korean Noodles benchmarking activity.

Basically, we're in the look for the best Chajang and Champong Noodles. Chajang is a black bean paste which can be served with rice or noodles while Champong is a spicy seafood noodles generously served with chilies and vegetables. Both dishes are normally offered in Chinese-Korean Restaurants. As recommended by a Korean colleague, we raded two restaurants known for serving these foods: China Castle and Pukkyong (Beijing) Restaurant. Yeah, you read them right. Chinese named Restaurants serving Korean Cuisine. You see, just by the Resto's names so much fusion have happened already! China Palace is located in BF Homes Paranaque whereas Pukkyong is in Escriva St., Pasig City (beside Global Academy Culinary School in-front of University of Asia and the Pacific).

First Stop - China Castle - Chinese Food & Bulalo. I'm not quite sure if it does sound right. Now I'm confused, what's really inside this restaurant?

Hand Pulled Noodles prepared only when needed and about to be served... So, yeah they live up to their claim of "fresh noodles" in their menu.

The many spices and ingredients that made the noodles taste delicious and different

A typical Chajang Sauce (black bean paste, onions, napa cabbage and spices)

Kan-Chajang (noodles with black sauce, more onions and vegetables). A little slimy in texture. The noodles used here is thick almost similar to spaghetti that's why they said Chajang is the spaghetti of koreans only the sauce is black instead of red.

U-dong Noodles (Noodles in White Seafood Soup); it's similar to our local Chami or Lomi

Uni Chajang (Pork Chajang; a meatier version of regular chajang)

Samsun Chajang (noodles with black sauce, shrimp, squid and sea cucumber). It has a strong sauted and wok character just like our local Pancit Canton. This one is acceptable and closer to the Filipino palate.

Special Champong (Noodles in Spicy Seafood Soup)

Regular Champong (Noodles in Spicy Seafood Soup)

Basically, the taste of these two champong noodles is the same. The only difference is that the special version has more seafoods. If you're a spicy eater, you might just love to add this in your menu list. However, there's not much deep taste or character in there, it's generally mild in overall taste with an overpowering notes of chili. Just a word of caution , whole chilies are added in the noodles which, can bite your tongue real hot! and make you sweat real hard!

Second Stop - Pukkyong (Beijing) Restaurant...

Tang Soo Yuk - deep fried breaded pork in sweet & sour sauce. According to the chef, this is the favorite among the locals. But of course don't you think it's so familiar? The dish is just plain acceptable.

Chajang Noodles (Noodles with black sauce, cabbage and onions garnished with strips of cucumber). This is a more beany version relative to China Palace's.

Jang-Ban Chajang (fresh noodles with chajang sauce, squid, shrimp and chili powder). This one has more body and better profile. Basically, sweet, spicy, beany with very subtle seafood taste.
Champong Noodles (fresh noodles with champong soup, squid, clams, quail eggs and vegetables). Relative to the first restaurant, Beijing's version is more "fishy" (sea-like profile), darker in color and less hot.

Because the gateway of many countries in the world are now widely open for some economic reasons, a great deal of foreign immigrations have likewise emerged. Philippines has its own share of this trend both ways. A lot of Filipinos are migrating to different countries making our culture be known in the world and similarly, a number of foreign minorities have invaded our country sharing with us their own. The one good thing about it, our palate also get its own take of different gustatory experiences and yeah to some extent, satisfaction.


Wow ang sarap naman niyan. And I was only aware of Chap Chay (tama ba?)noodles.
Sherra said…
Hello Cookie, yeah Chap Chae is also good. I liked its sweetness and the bouncy bite of its noodles made from Mung Bean.
Hello again Sherra!! Just wanted to know if you want to submit some articles for the Food and Cooking blog of Pinoymomsnetwork. Since you do fantastic food/dining articles, you would be great! Ok lang ba?
Anonymous said…
i love noodles!!!:)
China Castle - Chinese Food & Bulalo is at Ortigas right? Just near Metrowalk. I remember walking near that resto when going to Metrowalk. I never been in that restaurant before but I really love to try their dishes.

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