BANAPPLE Pies and Cakes

If there's a food category that never run out of new things to buzz about, it would be with no contention - the Desserts and Sweets. I've been hearing people rave about the Banapple Cakes in Katipunan, Quezon City for quite some time now. I've even chanced it on a tube being featured by a local business show (Kabuhayang Swak na Swak). If the success story of this bakery-cafe sounds very interesting and so does its baked repertoire. Finally, we had a chance to nibble and sample the real taste of Banapple. Thanks to an industry colleague's generosity, for giving this as a birthday treat! I'll forget about the calories for now. Anyway, we only get to celebrate our birthdays once a year, so why not give in?! (To all those who remembered, thanks so much for the greetings!) We initially tasted the "Super Caramel Fudge Cake". The term super is synonymous to extremely, soooooo SWEET goodie! My God, it's really sinfully sweet! Way too much for me. I can hardly finish a slice. It's a throat hating, water addicting experience. Certainly not recommended for those who are watching their sugar level in their body! The lavishly sprinkled chocolate vermicellis and the thick caramel layer speak of the richness the cake will offer to its attacker. It's just unfortunate, this richness is prevented from being explored and enjoyed more because all that'll linger in your palate are the overpowering sugar and caramelic notes. (For a view of how this cake looks like, click here). Honestly, that first Banapple Cake experience was quite "traumatic". I can't help but have much higher standards the next time I will try it. And, luckily it did meet my expectation the second time around. Quite worthy of a second chance.

This Oreo Cheesecake tasted more appealing and tolerable in terms of the sweetness level. Just like any other cheesecake though, a slice is more than enough to pass a full meal. The cake has four distinct layers and how it's thought of is genuinely creative. The bottom part is a graham-caramel base that tasted more of a pie. Then, the cream cheese mixed with brownies or chocolate cake. Finally it's topped with a cookie-sugar icing. The icing has a little "soapy", papery note. For some of my colleagues who have tasted it (who happened to be a flock of Product Development Specialists), they said it might be coming from the flavor or fat blended with it. Whichever it is, this is something that should be looked into. Overall quality is still a must other than taste superiority.


i♥pinkc00kies said…
love the banoffee pie, honeylovin' crunch cake & myster-reese's pie.. divine!!

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