Fire Lake Grill sits on the now popular Tagaytay Dining Haven, Cliffhouse. From what we've savored and experienced, yes, the resto is worth a try in the food compound. First, the ambiance is superb especially at dinner time. Private and romantic. Service is cordial although a little slow. When it comes to food, some were worth the wait while some were overly rated. The Panseared Foie Gras is great! Succulent, tasty and rich. Hmmm..., that delicious gustatory feel truly left a wonderful memory in my palate. I won't forget to order it again the next time. The Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon Froth is real comforting. It provides the much needed warming companion in a chilin', cool breeze of Tagaytay.
The Rib Eye Steak is cooked just right. It boasts of the exact juiciness and tenderness of the meat. It's perfectly matched with sauted vegetables and mashed potato, presenting an utterly complete meal.
Being a Seafood fanatic, I'm more than satisfied to have tried this Grilled Jumbo Prawns on Angel hair Pasta, Wilted Arugula, Shitake Mushrooms and White Butter Sauce. It's creamy but not overwhelming. For those who want to leave some room in their stomach and plan to take a complete menu, this is a safe choice.
Unfortunately, my Fire Lake Grill Dining Experience did not end well with this Darne of Norwegian Salmon with Tagaytay Greens and Dalandan Buerre Blanc. This is actually my choice for the night that's why I've expected something "extraordinary" out of it. Other than it was served too late, it's the same grilled salmon I've tasted in other restaurants. It's also too heavy for the stomach which is surprising for a seafood dish. Maybe the serving is too big for single consumption. However, it can't be shared since there's a corresponding splitting charge.

All in all, dining at Fire Lake Grill is a flavorsome, grilling experience matched with a dreamy, relaxing atmosphere.


docchef said…
finally another food review.. hehe tagal ko hinintay ito ah:)
GreyMom said…
I was salivating as I was reading your post. Thanks!
What's a splitting charge?
Sherra said…
Thanks for dropping by GreyMom! A "splitting charge" is a fee you pay when you share your food with somebody. Servings in this resto are therefore intended to be consumed alone :-)
Sakai said…
if onyl the place aint that far from qc
myitchyfeet said…
I was hoping to see the surroundings too, as u said it's romantic and private...

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