Lucky Plaza a.k.a. Little Philippines

I wonder how and why Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road became the Little Philippines in Singapore. Massive throngs of our kababayans (fellow Filipinos) usually flock in this area on weekends. Think of SM department store on sale season and holidays and that somewhat mirrors this place. When I discovered what's inside the commercial complex, the answer didn't surprise me at all. Lucky Plaza houses all things distinctly Filipino. From native delicacies to commercially manufactured products to familiar banks, I felt like I was in one of our malls back home. I was even a bit surprised to see ads and promos in Tagalog language...

This is how a popular remittance center looks like on weekends...

But what gave me absolute delight was being able to grab some goodies I've been wanting my pantry to have. At long last, I found some customary cooking aids to help me stir up a number of highly missed dishes back home. It'll not be long, my pot will start steaming with sinigang, kare-kare, adobo and other favorite home cooked fare. I simply can't wait.


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