Shopping in Hongkong

Hongkong is indeed a shopping paradise. It will definitely top the list of the shopping meccas in asia. I can easily claim it as my favorite go to place when it comes to shopping. It literally has everything. From the simplest and most sublime to the most classy and luxurious of all things, name it and they have it. In terms of trends and innovations in fashion, they were never too late. What's even amazing is that, anywhere you go in the island there's always something to look forward to that's related to shopping. Since our hotel is located in Kowloon area, the likes of Nathan Road, Mongkok and Canton Road were our shopping haven during our visit. But I'm sure there are so much more than these famous ones. If you have the luxury of time, it'll be worth exploring the different parts of the territory.

Ladies Market in Mongkok.. Lots of bric a bracs being sold here. Just don't forget to haggle big time when you intend to buy. 

The popular Milan Station (that sells mostly second hand designer leather goods) didn't escape my wandering eyes and neither was I able to resist to have a peek of what's inside. Unfortunately, I found the price still quite expensive. You'd rather buy brand new ones. Although there are a few new ones (unused) being sold, the designs are quite limited. 

This is Canton Road where designer labels such as Gucci, Prada, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and what have you are located. Prices in Hongkong are relatively cheaper compared in Singapore. I checked the Mulberry store in Harbour City and the price of Mulberry Bayswater is almost SGD200 cheaper. They give 10% discount to tourists. 

We also visited the City Gate Outlets in Tung Chung. The selection of international brands housed inside the mall is extensive enough. That's where I found real good deals on Coach items. The discount ranges from 30% - 50%. In other brands, the choices are a bit limited. 
All in all, the shopping mileage in Hongkong is limitless. So make sure to allot a significant amount of time for your shopping needs. 


The Mommist said…
HK is always a great destination. Lovely post! :)
An awe-inspiring post to say the least. Hong Kong, I am fallen in love with you.

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