Foods Galore at Hongkong International Airport

Finding a place to dine at the airport is always a dilemma for me. No matter how much extra time I got prior to a flight and the number of choices available, I'm always confronted with this feeling of discomfort.  I just can't seem to find an appetite for a good eat. However, the case at Hongkong International Airport is an exception. Everytime I visit this airport, I simply can't hold back from indulging into a good food before the flight. That's why, the claim from the photo above that says - "World's Best Airport Dining", I couldn't contest it at all. It's true, I find that this airport has much to offer food wise. The layout of the restaurants are likewise passengers friendly. They are conveniently located just before the boarding gates so the element of "rush" is somehow manageable.

On our arrival to the airport from Singapore, we headed for lunch at Ajisen (since it's one of the kids' favorite japanese resto). The noodle serving is relatively big, I couldn't consume the entire bowl. 

On our flight back to Singapore, we unconsciously opted for another Japanese restaurant - Saboten. The food menu is quite inviting and since there's no queue, it was an immediate choice.

The husband and kids ordered Pork and Prawn Tonkatsu..

While I had the Pork Tenderloin Tonkatsu and I was overwhelmed with the serving. It's really too much for me but this tasted good. There's a melding of crunchy from the outside and soft in the inside kind of texture which is very enjoyable to the palate. I'm filled and satisfied.


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