A Magical Stay at Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

A magical stay is what any Disneyland Hotel promises its guests. True enough, we had more than just magic moments in our recent stay at Hongkong Disneyland Hotel. We were even more than happy to be there. From the ambiance to the amenities, activities and food, everything is beyond enjoyable. I felt being transported back in childhood time and was treated to an utmost fun and enjoyment. If there's only one complaint that I could have, time is definitely not enough. There are so much things to do and time seemed to pass by so fast. How could it be so cruel?! We almost didn't want to leave, this is a place where you could just wish to live forever.


Hotel lobby..., notice the beautiful chandelier.

A stunning view to enjoy everyday. The kids and kids at heart never tire in playing the maze.

The pool was so inviting. It's just a pity that the weather didn't cooperate. It was soooo cold, we didn't dare to make a plunge.
The nitty gritty of things that certainly put a smile on our face.. Such as these toiletries in special disney packages and the room signages also with some disney characters on the design.

Since it's easter, the hotel staged some fun easter activities for the guests..
One of the highlights of staying in the Hongkong Disneyland Hotel is the popular "Breakfast with the Disney Characters". It's a must try especially if you have children. Even I, was delighted to have spent some magical moments in this restaurant.

The food choices are a mix of international and asian-chinese dishes. Most are tasty I would say. It's a typical breakfast buffet spread only distinctly characterized by some specially designed disney foodstuffs like the Mickey shaped pancakes.

What made the dining experience really different, was the chance of meeting some popular Disney Characters while eating. I don't know why and it's beyond explainable, but seeing them up-close and personal brings you a different sense of excitement. After all, maybe that's what the magic is all about.


izza said…
I haven't tried playing the maze, where is it located? I will surely try my luck on this the next time I visited Disney. Have you watched the Garden Festival too?

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