Hello Hongkong!

Hello Hongkong!

Yes, I am currently in Hongkong with my family for our much deserved vacation. We're staying here for 5 days and so far so good. We had a relatively tiring flight yesterday but we still managed to arrive on time, thank you Singapore Airlines! We simply love SQ! Checking in at Hongkong Disneyland Hotel was a breeze. It'll be our home for 2 days. Upon entering our room, the TV screen had a personalized greeting (photo above). What a warm welcome indeed! Our room is located on the 5th floor with a veranda / balcony and we were greeted with a nice, cool and crisp air. Wow, it's still cold in here. It's already the start of the spring but you can still feel the remnants of the winter season. Silly me, I only brought 1 piece of jacket. I hope all my long sleeves will be able to comfort me in the coming days or else, I have another reason for shopping :-)

We liked our room, it's just perfect for a family of 4. Hongkong Disneyland Hotel has a different vibe compared to the other hotel - Disney's Holywood. It's victorian in style and I feel that it's more homey, elegant and private. The balcony in the room makes you even relax more.

The victorian style bathroom..

Such cute slippers!

 The popular enchanted maze garden...

We're liking it here so far. And we're savoring every magical moment we can have.


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