New Curry La Mian by PRIMA

If you're a frequent shopper at any leading supermarkets around the island, you've probably have seen some new noodle products gracing the supermarket aisles. If you're observant enough, Prima's New Curry La Mian would have definitely caught your attention as it did for me. After the successful launch of Laksa La Mian, another kin of its kind had arrived in the market in the form of aromatic Curry Flavor. Simply true to its claim, the room was filled with creamy, curry aroma the moment the curry paste and curry premix hit the pot with hot water. As it continues to simmer, a promise of gourmet indulgence is evident from the steaming instant noodles. In fact, it was a hint of gourmet goodness.

With the presence of inumerable types of instant noodles in the market, to come up with an innovative one is more than challenging. However, it seemed like Prima managed to brave through this task by introducing a really nice noodle concept as the La Mian. It clearly positioned its unique selling point with good noodle quality and close to authentic asian flavors.

A pack of noodles consist of an instant air-dried noodles, curry paste and curry mix.

The cooking instructions is easy to follow and the cooking time of 7 minutes is still convenient enough.

Apart from good taste, the noodles also features some healthy claims.

Overall, I find the Curry La Mian rich and creamy in taste. It has an enjoyable thick mouthfeel, a tad spicy with just the right saltiness and umami note. The noodles is smooth, chewy and a little sticky to the bite. If you prefer this type of texture for a noodles, a bowl of this will be an absolute enjoyment. On the whole, I think this product doesn't disappoint. Considering that it can be easily prepared anytime, it can be a good alternative when that craving for Curry strikes and you want it fast.


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