Ocean Park, Hongkong

Prior to the arrival of Disneyland, Ocean Park is considered the most premier theme park in Hongkong. In terms of location, it boasts of a more panoramic view and ambiance. It's divided into two sections, the Summit and the Waterfront. The Summit features the exhilarating rides and attractions. It's located on higher altitude and you have two options to reach it, either through a cable car ride or an ocean express train ride. We took the cable car on our way to the top and the ocean express on the way back to the ground where the Waterfront is. Both experience are a must.
In the Waterfront area, you'll find the most popular attractions in the park like the Grand Aquarium, Giant Panda Adventure, Hongkong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures and others.

These are the stunning views from the cable car on the way to the Summit. 

Hongkong is really beautiful..

I love Hongkong!

We watched the dolphin show at the Ocean Theatre. Unfortunately, I was not completely impressed by it. I even found it too boring. The dolphin show at the Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay, Philippines is in so many ways better.

The giant panda. He's eating when we arrived.

A nice view from the Waterfront Plaza.

Sky Fair. We wanted to try this but the queue was too long.

A glimpse of the marine world inside the Grand Aquarium. This was another let down for me. Manila Ocean Park and Sentosa Under Water World in Singapore are both better in terms of size and contents of aquarium.

We can't help but notice that most of the live shows are not foreigner friendly. They were shown in Chinese so we couldn't understand it at all.

Overall, a day would be enough to cover this theme park. There are a lot of activities to choose from and there's something for all ages. Although there were some attractions that didn't wow me, it still is a must see place when you're in Hongkong.

Ocean Park, Hongkong


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