Happy Birthday, our Dear Riley!

Has it already been 7 years? How time flies unbelievably fast! Our dear Riley is celebrating his 7th birthday today. We brought him to Hongkong Disneyland a few weeks ago for an advance birthday celebration. This weekend, we’re bringing him to his favorite spots in Singapore – Universal Studios and the Singapore Zoo for an extended birthday treat.

I can still recall vividly how we labored through a difficult process of having him in this world. From a very delicate pregnancy which included incidences of spotting and complete bed rest; to being a full term baby hence, we have to wait longer than usual for his delivery; to undergoing a caesarian operation because he came out to be a big baby at 3.49 kg; we experienced it all! I even had to sacrifice my MBA degree because physically, it’s just not possible to carry loads of stress at the same time. Seven years after, it was definitely worth it. Seeing him grows day by day and the joy that he brings to us ceaselessly makes me realize that I actually didn’t lose anything at all. In fact, he’s a gift whom any parent would want.

Thank you Riley for being such a blessing to us! We were more than blessed to have you as a child. You never fail to amaze us with your inquisitive mind, your wonderful work of art and your gift of persistence. We appreciate all that there is with you and we will be here to support you all the way. If there’s but one wish that I could make, may you continue to be the adorable little boy that mommy used to carry. Don’t grow too fast. Several years down the road, you’ll choose your own path to take. But no matter which way it is and no matter what, mommy will be here for you always. Happy Birthday my dear! We love you!


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