Missing Seoul, Korea

Escape Magazine's June edition made me reminisce my travel to Korea quite a long time ago. As I flipped through the pages of this travel mag, I can't help but want to go back. I missed the many great foodie discoveries, the Deoksu Palace that made me appreciate the country's culture more, the Lotte World which provided an unforgettable adrenaline rush (I can still recall vividly that exhilarating Gyro drop experience) and  most especially the very busy markets of Dongdaemun and Namdaemun.

If I'll walk down memory lane Korea's culinary pot, I know that  fermented bean paste and fiery spiced Kimchi are the famous flavor notes that will haunt me. Apart from that, I have been and always will be fascinated by the festivity of korean cuisine. I have never seen a dining table as busy as the koreans'. I am usually in awe whenever I sat at a dining table in a korean restaurant. I oftentimes got bemused yet enticed by the seemingly endless flow of dishes to be had. For an unforgettable meat taste, nothing compares to the juicy, succulent, meat superiority of their Beef Bulgogi. This is supreme beef dish to relish especially when wrapped with leafy vegetables. I've tasted the best authentic in Shilla Hotel. Other must try dishes are Galbisal, Bibimbap, Topokki and Champong Noodles. Likewise, there are notable snacking treats like Jwipo or Dried Squids and Dried seaweeds. These are the must grabs in streets and expressway stops. All these and more undoubtedly makes Seoul a great place to visit.


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