Banofee Pie by Starbucks..(my comfort food back home)

We each have our own definition of comfort food. But one thing is certain, it's something that roots back to home. When we went for a vacation last April in the Philippines, I made sure that I'll be able to relish some great old goodies. One of which is Starbucks' Banofee Pie. This pie is definitely sinful and rich, yet so comforting particularly with a glass of your favorite hot drink on the side. The look of this pie can be actually deceiving. You'd think that a forkful is more than enough to satiate you. But the truth is, its entirety will have you in complete sweet surrender. I can vouch for its goodness that you'd totally forget about calorie counters for a while. I'm currently craving for it and severely wishing that it's also available here in the lion city. Since that's quite far from reality at the moment; I can only head to the nearest supermarket, grab some ingredients and make my own version at home. Although I don't have the exact recipe of it, I'll try my best to capture the taste as far as my memory can recall.

Banofee Pie a la Our Taste of Life - How to make:

Prepare the base by combining crushed graham crackers with melted butter and sugar. Layer on to the base some sliced bananas and tofee caramel or nutella spread. Top it with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and caramel.


Really looks yummy. Sweet?
i♥pinkc00kies said…
its good! but banapple's banoffee pie still tops my list ;)
stampedconcrete said…
looks so delicious .. yummy !!
Have you tried Banapple's banoffee pie? They give a generous amount of chocolate shavings :)
Sherra said…
@Anne, yup we've tried it before. It was not bad too.
@Sherra - yes, it's a tad to sweet. But I don't mind since I'm easy to please! Just put tons of good chocolate and I'm sold.

Are there are any other good banoffee pie recommendations?
Anonymous said…
It's good but I wouldn't really call it Banoffee pie. What it is really is just a Banana pie.
To prove it, deconstruct it, taste the layer, next to the graham, does it taste anything like dulce de leche/toffee or caramel??? it was just place to disguise itself but really it's fake, it has zero taste. Even the chocolate layer has zero chocolate taste.

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