Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Revisited) Part 1 of 2

I took an early morning flight to KL for a short business trip via Tiger Airways. It's my first time to try the airline and the Singapore Budget Terminal. Checking in was a breeze and things were uneventful until boarding time. Contrary to some unfavorable comments about the budget terminal, my experience will state otherwise and I'm quite satisfied with what's on offer service and ambiance wise. In fact, Singapore's budget terminal might even be better than the infamous NAIA Terminal 1 in Manila.

I stayed at Sunway Pyramid Hotel, a 4 star hotel in Subang area. Although it's not located in the city center of KL, the hotel is surrounded with commercial establishments and shopping center. The rate per night is reasonable and the room is generally acceptable. However, I'm not really impressed with the breakfast buffet offering at their cafe. Cititel MidValley Hotel has an even better selection.


View of the entrance door and the closet

My malaysian colleagues brought me to Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh Restaurant for a taste of authentic Bak Kuh Teh. It was my first malaysian meal for the day and I was more than glad that it's the popular Pork Rib Tea. I have tried a few in Singapore and the version here is totally different from that in Malaysia. Undoubtedly, the later won me over many folds. Unlike Singapore's version which is overpowering in pepper note, the Malaysian type is more full-bodied, creamy, fatty, meaty, juicy, caramelic, very mild in herbs and spices. They use a dark or brown sauce (almost to a soy sauce hue). There are different types of pork cuts to choose from but the same sauce is used. You may choose whichever you prefer and the overall taste varies depending on the type of pork piece be it prime ribs, short ribs, pork knuckles and others. There was a note in their menu that they will open a branch at Marina Bay Sands soon and I just can't wait for it to open. There's no need to go to Malaysia whenever I will crave for this great tasting meat dish.


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