Ikea Restaurant & Cafe

Visiting Ikea is more than just great home shopping experience. It's filling the apetite too. A trip to the swedish home store is not complete without dining at its popular restaurant and cafe. I, for one, had developed my own craving for its baked salmon dish that it's always the top of mind the moment I hit the usual long queue at the restarant. The food offerings are simply enticing and it's not difficult to find a favorite. For us, we usually go for these ones...
Meat Balls Pasta

Baked Salmon

Baked Chicken

Mushroom Soup

Baked Chicken Set Meal

Fried Chicken Wings

Raspberry Cheesecake
If there's one thing that I would like to see improved on my next visit, it would be the dessert choices. Some pastries are just too plain and short in taste delivery. Like for instance this raspberry cheesecake which tasted too sour. Also, the cream cheese didn't complement the base well. Hence, the overall taste balance is highly compromised. Other than that, Ikea's Restaurant remains to be one good gastronomic stop to replenish that much needed shopping energy.   


I've been in Ikea before. The products are so great and very affordable to buy especially the appliances and kitchen wares. With there restaurants, it's pretty cool too! The serve dishes from various delicacies.

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