Singapore's Must Try Local Foods

After living for more than a year now in Singapore, I have learned to appreciate the local food offerings to a greater extent. Perhaps, so much so that I can declare how my threshold for hot & spicy foods has increased throughout. A number of food posts made through this blog have likewise introduced me to a truly eclectic mix of great culinary finds. Suffice it to say, I have come up with a list of local foods that would pass as must tries in the island. If it's your first time to visit Singapore and is daring enough to partake in the country's tastebuds, here are the choices that are never to be missed. From breakfast items to major meal occasions down to the desserts and snacks, there's definitely something to fill a craving appetite.

Hainanese Chicken - best if dipped in lots of finely chopped ginger; it can also be rolled into lettuce leaves

Chili Crab - albeit really hot & spicy, the sauce is lip smacking

Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup with distinct taste of herbs and spices; usually high in pepper note)

Satay - Chicken and Pork are the most popular

Oyster Omellete - the coriander leaves give an exciting kick on the creamy taste

Rojak - tangy, sweet and sour

Popiah - a popular snacking item, best if filled with various meats, seafoods and vegetables

Carrot Cake - smooth and chewy

Chwey Chwey - a word of caution, this steamed rice goody can be very oily

Mee Rebus

Kway Teow

Prawn Hokkien Mee


Kaya Toast - favorite breakfast item around town

Chendol - something to chill you on a warm and humid ambiance

Cereal Prawn


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