Buffet Breakfast at Marriot Cafe, Marriot Hotel

Honestly, I'm having second thoughts in making a post about this experience. So disappointed I was, that I felt it's not that worthy to make mention. On hindsight though, I thought it might be helpful to share to gather some more insights from those who've tried it as well and confirm our own account of this breakfast buffet experience. Prior to choosing Marriot for a morning breakfast on a weekend, I've searched online and through various blogs for options and recommendations. And because all were nothing but good reviews about Marriot Hotel's Buffet (although not exactly the breakfast), I was convinced that we'll be in a good place. Hence, I yielded to this option against other equally popular hotels along Orchard road.
Unfortunately, there was really nothing to rave about. General selection was very limited. Only the basics were there such as breads, fresh fruits & juices, colds & salads, noodles, cereals, ice cream for dessert and the hot section for the viands and rice. Quality wise, it didn't actually impress. I was almost on the verge of heading back home for a complete morning fix. I can even rant more for each of the food I've tried. But I guess I would just have the photo shots speak for it self. Don't you find them so gloomy and uninviting?

Marriot Cafe
Marriot Hotel
Orchard Road, Singapore
Tel. No. 6831 4605
Breakfast Buffet; 6 - 11 am Mon - Sun


Not very appealing at all!

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