Breakfast Buffet at Traders Hotel Orchard

I always look forward to great bonding weekend with my family everytime I return home from a business trip overseas. Hence fresh from the KL trip, last weekend was started with a good buffet brunch at Traders Hotel in Orchard Road. Boy, this was far better than Marriot Hotel's. The entire spread is just enough for filling choices. The food sections are divided into bread, salads, cold cuts and cheeses, noodles & soups, fresh fruits & juices, cereals, dimsum, meat and comminuted products (e.g. sausages and hotdogs) as well as local viands (vegetable curry, fish, fried rice etc.). For a S$30 worth of breakfast buffet, this is good value for money compared to other less appealing buffets around town. The ambiance is likewise serene so you get to enjoy your food at a relaxing pace.


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