My BLOOK in the making...

I am bringing this blog to the next level! This is a vow that I will be committed to in the next months or year to come. I think I've mentioned in passing in one of my posts before that I am writing a Food Book. But why do I call it a Food Book and not the typical Cook Book, you may ask. For me, these two are still discernible from each other. Cook Book is defined by Wikipedia as a book that contains information on cooking. It generally has a collection of recipes.
What I have in the works has something more than just that. Like what I've shared in my interview with OMY for the Singapore Blog Awards 2010, I want the blog to talk about more than just a dish or a recipe. In my Blook (Blog-Book), I would like to adapt the same principle. Hence, without preempting anything, I would like to offer a reading that will warm the heart with accompanying foods that will make family meals at home a must. Thank you to my contemporary bloggers who in some way have influenced me in pursuing this next stage in as far as my love for food and writing is concerned. I know this is the most daring project yet for the food blogger in me. I fervently wish for its realization and success. I am still in the look for the publisher who would be willing to take this pursuit with me. Suggestions and referrals are very much welcome. Just drop me an email at sjm(underscore)bernardo(at)yahoo(dot)com. My heartfelt thanks is sent in advance. (Stay tuned for this post until the manuscript has been completed). =)


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